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Nova Rally Adds New Interface and CHARM

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Nova Rally, a racing game built on the WAX blockchain, recently released an update that includes a new token (CHARM) and a revamped user interface. And though a rather basic game at the moment, this update is the launching point for many more feature additions in the future.

Released in Q4 of 2021, Nova Rally is a somewhat basic, fantastical, sci-fi racing game. In it, players choose a Car and two Drivers, submit their lineup to the race, and then await the results. And though you can choose to use a Boost NFT, for potentially better results (or sometimes worse), much like many of the other blockchain racing games, there really isn’t a whole lot to it.

But that should begin to change soon for Nova Rally. And the first step is the release of the new racing rewards system. This system does away with the old system of earning Shard NFTs and instead rewards the top three finishers of each race with CHARM tokens. CHARM rewards are taken from a token pool, which refills throughout the day. So, races run during times the pool contains more tokens and reap higher rewards.

CHARM is a new token for Nova Rally. But, going forward, CHARM will be the primary game token for any activity beyond racing. This includes track purchases, car modifications, manufacturer investments, weapons upgrades, and more. Players earn CHARM by finishing on the podium (1st, 2nd, or 3rd place) in races.

Along with the new reward system comes a brand new interface. The new layout provides more information to the user, and we see signs of upcoming additions, such as the Battle Pass.

new interface for Nova Rally

The Nova Rally team is still working on squashing bugs and ironing out their new systems, but this is the first step towards a launch of a host of new features. Rental systems, weapons, upgrades, track ownership, and the re-introduction of NFT rewards are just a few items on their roadmap.

To learn more about Nova Rally, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

Cosmetic Sale

Nova Rally is also working on one of its biggest features — 3D races. And unlike the rather static race replays we see in other games, Nova Rally replays will include dynamic cameras, zooming in on the action, and hopefully in the near future, weapons, for that true Death Race feeling!

And what’s better than seeing your cars and drivers in 3D action? Being able to customize them of course! And that begins with an upcoming Cosmetics sale. The sale opens on September 1st, 2022, at 7 pm UTC. This sale includes special Character Statues, Car Decals, Emotes, and musical Tapes.

Statue NFTs provide owners with an airdrop of cosmetic character skins, while Decals let players customize their Cars. Both types of packs have a chance to contain special drops. For the Statues, some packs contain rare, metallic versions (which also provide a metallic skin), while some Decal packs contain full car wraps to make your Car really stand out!

Emotes will be equipable items, that trigger during certain moments during the race. Music Tapes can be set to play when you win a race, and they also passively generate Boost tokens, used to make Boost NFTs.

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