Running a Planetary Node for Spider Tanks

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Spider Tanks dropped a new document on us recently called ‘Planetary Node Atlas’. This document provides some details on the plans Spider Tanks has for their workload nodes, which will help to run matches and receive SILK tokens as compensation.

One the hot, new things in blockchain gaming seems to be distributed server architecture. Gala Games has had their own nodes for a while, and recently began breaking them down even further, offering Gala Music nodes, as well as Town Star nodes. Splinterlands has gotten into the game too, with the first version of their validator nodes expected to arrive later this year. Now Spider Tanks is joining in on the action as well!

Spider Tanks Planetary Nodes

In short, you buy a node license, download and run the node software, and earn passive income. Nodes must be online for at least 6 hours a day to be eligible for rewards

node and map queue flow

Active nodes receive rewards for every match they are assigned. Nodes earn Victory Points for every match they host and share in the global SILK rewards at the end of the day.

When online, Planetary Nodes go into a queue. Once a Node reaches the front of the line, it will be chosen for the next match. Each basic node occupies only one slot in the queue, though the team has plans to implement node upgrades, allowing Nodes to occupy more than one slot. Maps will be able to upgrade for extra queue slots as well.

Nodes also have a Depot, where Node owners can place tank bodies, weapons, and map NFTs. Anytime a match hosted by the Node includes the paired NFTs, the owner earns additional rewards. Depots start with one space, but may be expanded as high as six.

Player owned Maps have their own queue. Players may own and use both Planetary Node and Maps.

Below are the anticipated initial specs for running a Planetary Node. The requirements may increase as the game grows larger. But for initial requirements, these seem pretty reasonable.

– 4 GB RAM
– 2 CPU Cores
– 60 GB disk space
– 10 MBit up/down connection

The Spider Tanks team plans to hold a live AMA to answer questions on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2pm PT on their Discord.

What is Spider Tanks?

Spider Tanks screenshot
shoot to kill

Spider Tanks is a top-down, tank-based, MOBA. Built as part of the Gala Games ecosystem, Spider Tanks already offers a free-to-play beta for anyone with a Gala Games account. Two teams of five players battle across a variety of maps and game modes. (hint: If you see a chicken, it’s probably something important!)

All players have access to a free selection of equipment. This includes three different tank bodies, each with different stats, and a number of options for weapon and equipment load-outs. Spider Tanks isn’t all about shooting. There are also healing abilities, shields, invisibility cloaks, and airstrikes… just to name a few! The game offers a practice mode for new players or for trying out new builds. The free tank and weapons options change from day to day.

The game action is fluid and fast-paced. Simple on the surface, Spider Tanks features a lot of equipment options, even for free players. There is definitely potential for team coordination and tank synergy when playing with friends.

NFTs for Spider tanks come in a variety of types from tank bodies to weapons, to map pieces to factories. Many are limited editions and some are special collaborations (including Snoop Dogg tanks!). Some are visual skins only, though others offer bonuses or a new tank ability.

Spider Tanks is building a play and earn economy with tournaments, rentals, land ownership, component creation with Factories, and even climbing to the role of Emperor for an entire planet! The game token for Spider Tanks is called SILK. Players, map owners, and Planetary Node operators receive Victory Points throughout the day. At the end of the day, their SILK payout is based on their percentage of the total VPs accumulated by all players throughout the day.

Spider Tanks Video Review

To get a closer look at Spider Tanks, check out this video review from our very own Bruno!

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