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Town Star First Game for Gala Blockchain Platform

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Blockchain Game Partners is building a blockchain-based gaming infrastructure named Gala, and one of the first games for the upcoming gaming platform is called Townstar. VentureBeat reported on this on Monday. Townstar is best compared with a blockchain-version of Farmville, and Sandbox Games is making the game.

Gala is a platform made by Eric Schiermeyer. He’s also one of the co-founders of games company Zynga. Comparable with blockchain platforms like Ethereum and Enjin, Gala allows players to have full ownership over in-game assets. Schiermeyer has been working on Gala with a for 18 months already.

“Unlike any other experience I’ve ever seen, when you spend money here, you actually get something, something that you can keep, and maybe even give away or give some to somebody else. You can’t do that in traditional free-to-play games right now. And people just accept that. I think that once people realize that you don’t have to accept that situation, and you can actually own your own items, then people aren’t going to play those other games anymore.”

Eric Schiermeyer, interview with VentureBeat (March 10th 2020)

Blockchain Game Partners and Sandbox Games first want to make an awesome game. They want to create a mainstream game that’s ‘game first and blockchain a distant second’. Townstar is one of these games, even though four other projects are also in development.

Townstar is like Farmville

It’s fair to compare the farm building game with Farmville. Especially considering that the people behind Townstar have also been involved in the major success of Farmville one decade ago.

In Townstar on the Gala blockchain players for example need to raise crops, harvest them, and then create products. Gamers can sell these in turn for profit, which they can then invest in a better farm. This farm could eventually become a small town. The game will also feature weekly leaderboards, an open in-game marketplace, rare non-fungible tokens, and an upgradable hero character.

“We believe that by giving the players real value that the entire ecosystem will grow immensely. This is a tectonic shift that’s about to happen.”

Eric Schiermeyer, interview with VentureBeat (March 10th 2020)
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