PixieMeta Wants to Build their Play-to-Earn Game with You!

PixieMeta Studios, a new independent game development studio, is planning to launch its first play-to-earn game. Before starting the development process, Giancarlo Cappuccio, CEO of PixieMeta, wants players to share their suggestions, challenges, and problems they face with the current play-to-earn games. To understand a player’s needs in the blockchain gaming market, a survey has been created by PixieMeta’s team. After carefully analyzing the current market scenario and collecting recommendations from players, PixieMeta will jump into the complete development process of the game.

The PixieMeta Survey

PixieMeta Studios wants you to fill out a survey form and submit your feedback about what type of game you want them to develop. After going through everyone’s suggestions, PiexieMeta will start developing a brand new NFT game. You can fill out the survey form here.

There are a total of 6 questions. The first question is“When it comes to NFTs, what is the single biggest challenge, frustration, or problem you have been dealing with?”. Then you need to enter your gender, age range, and continent where you live. After this, you need to select a game topic you will most likely play if it was already available. Finally, you have to mention your favorite video game of all time. Submit the form, and your feedback will be ready to be analyzed by the team.

Pixiemeta Survey Details

About PixieMeta Studios

PixieMeta is a game development and publishing studio founded in January 2022. The company has a global team with offices in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. PixieMeta team is currently working on developing its first game using the latest Unreal 5 Engine and Unity. 

Being a new studio in the gaming industry, PixieMeta aspires to become the next-generation meta-entertainment content creator to develop quality products in the global market. The company is focused on developing NFT-based games in which they can integrate NFTs for entertainment and ownership and create jobs in the virtual world. Furthermore, PixieMeta believes in rewarding players and creating an environment where NFT games will be a major source of income in the future.

The PixieMeta team has four members: Giancarlo Cappuccio – CEO; Danny Ahumada -CTO; Carlos Bernal – game artist; and Gianfranco Cappuccio -Product Director. Giancarlo Cappuccio is a tech entrepreneur who has over 20 years of experience in sales and advertising, whereas CTO Danny Ahumada has experience in developing technologies for Activision games such as Call of Duty and Overwatch.

Pixiemeta Studios Details
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