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R-Planet Players Build Robots in Conquest Phase

rplanet robot construction

The space exploration DeFi adventure game R-Planet will soon enter the Conquest phase of its intergalactic story, allowing players to build robots. There are three factions to pick from: Warriors, Masterminds and Renegades. Each of these factions has 10 robots to choose from, and players can switch faction during the game.

During the Conquest Phase, players will randomly receive a base of operations. The system picks a random location, and players can then choose one of four land parts. Each base offers minerals and soil to mine. Players can construct robots here, improve those robots, become more efficient at mining or perhaps collaborate with other players.

The goal of R-Planet Conquest is for player to work together, build robots, and create a superweapon to take down the Ahnangs mothership. Players will work together in an effort to be the first to create that superweapon. The game comes to an end either when the superweapon is ready or when the time allocated for the game is finished. If the game has a winning alliance, all its members will be awarded prizes: valuable and unique NFTs.

What can you do exactly?

When you have your base, you will also get troops. These troops can attack or steal resources, scout other players, defend buildings or reinforce friendly structures in your alliance. Essentially there are two types of combat forces: fast and slow ones. These robots also have certain specialties. Some will be better at attacking, other can protect infantry or cavalry. There are also robots that carry resources, however, the bigger the robot the more WECANITE they consume. Therefore players need to manage their resources carefully.

Every player can own a hero, which is a character that boosts certain characteristics of the base and its troops. The hero’s avatar can also wear certain types of accessoires, increasing another feature of the hero. The hero can not be destroyed, but when he dies in battle it takes time to get him back. Besides boosting the base and troops only heroes can tame R-planet native animals and activate artifacts.

What about our resources and land

Good question! Players can use the R-Planet minerals Wecanite, Caponium, Waxon and Enefterium to craft two types of robots. Another robot, as seen in the trailer above, can be purchased using AETHER at a later time. Crafting will launch on October 19th.

For now land NFTs mine minerals, which players will be able to use to craft robots. After the launch of R-Planet Conquest, the land NFTs will provide some advantages. Land can increase the mining rate of a mineral, with a maximum of 200% depending on the rarity of the land. Land NFTs need to be attached to a base to allow for this boost. No worries, nobody can steal those Land NFTs, they are yours.

More details about R-Planet Conquest will be revealed on October 4th when they will publish the whitepaper. Five days later players can start crafting robots, followed by the presentation of the supersecret R-Planet DAO on October 26th. Read more about R-Planet in our archive here.

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