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NFT-powered Action RPG Big Time Coming to PC

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Big Time Studios has announced that it’s working on a new action RPG where players can team up, battle enemies and earn NFT loot. In addition they work on a wallet system that allows easier on-boarding of mainstream gamers. The newly founded game studio received $10,3 million in a Series A funding round.

Details on the action RPG are scarce. However, Big Time Studios is planning to go big into NFTs. Whether the game will also feature an in-game economy with its own token, remains a mystery. The action RPG is called Big Time, and players can pick different characters, each with an unique play style. For now the Time Warrior and the Chronomancer have been revealed, and the game’s settings are based on history. However, characters and events will probably not be historically accurate.

As a time traveler players need to battle a mysterious threat that could destroy the space time continuum. Thanks to procedural dungeons, no level will be exactly the same. According to the official website, players can decorate their own time machine with rewards earned across all of space time.

Appealing mainstream gamers

In a report on Bloomberg CEO Ari Meilich highlighted the ability for NFTs to give real value to players. “What’s new here is the play-to-earn component where people can put in time and get something of value in return,” he said to the Bloomberg news desk. Adding NFTs as loot is something another action RPG is also doing, like Guild of Guardians. However, Big Time is aimed at big screen gameplay, starting with a release for PC.

At the core of Big Time Studios’ software package, sits a solution that’s meant to make blockchain interaction smoother: no transaction fees, limitless trading, no issues with private keys. They will provide and host wallets for players. The assets are kept in custody in a vault, allowing for instantaneous transfers and low costs. Advanced users still have the ability to transfer items to their own wallets. However, the game studio thinks that their solution is needed to bring NFTs to a mass-market gaming audience.

The funding for Big Time Studios comes from a variety of investment funds, including Ashton Kutcher’s Sound Ventures. Big Time Studios has no track record, but the 25 team members have worked on games like Fortnite, God of War and Call of Duty. They worked at Electronic Arts, Blizzard Entertainment, Riot Games, and the virtual world Decentraland.

Amidst all the news no word yet on the blockchain, or a release date.

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