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The Eight Races of Mist

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Mist declared the month of April as their own, vowing to release daily info about their upcoming MMORPG. And so far, they have delivered! In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the new info about the eight races of Mist, in particular, the recent reveal of their special abilities.

Even before April started, the team had already begun releasing screenshots and information about the models and designs for the races. Now we have an info dump on their special abilities. So let’s review and see what we have learned so far about the races of Mist — Humans, Leonin, The Fallen, Dwarves, Rhinokin, Mousekin, Elves, and Orcs!

Note: this list may be changed as development proceeds.


Humans, ever stalwart selections in MMOs. Originally from the south of Darnia, Humans can be found almost everywhere. Their abilities are:

  • Quick Learner – provides experience bonuses
  • Will to Survive – reduced damage when seriously wounded
  • Think Fast – reduced cooldown on abilities
  • Inspiring Speech – party buff
  • Word of Mouth – causes nearby healing spells to have an AOE effect


Mist Leonin

Leonin, lion people who live in Prides and view hunting as an integral part of their culture. And looking at their abilities, it seems that you really don’t want to try and run away from a Leonin!

  • King of the Jungle – passive bonus against beasts and animals
  • Stalker – temporary movement boost
  • Ambush – extra damage when attacking from behind
  • Vicious Claw – slows an enemy
  • On the Prowl – temporary attack speed.

The Fallen

Ethereal beings, able to cross the planes, The Fallen seek truth and knowledge, at any cost. Their abilities consist of:

  • Mind Melt – critical strikes cause silence
  • Ascend Master – reduced mana cost for spells and abilities
  • Energy Rift – falling below 50% health resets cooldowns
  • Astral Project – teleport a short distance away in a random direction
  • Make a Wish – instantly heal 15% health or mana


Tough as nails and quick to grab a pint, the Dwarves of Mist are good-hearted, but woe to those who anger them! The Dwarven abilities include:

  • Team Player – healing bonus when healing players at lower health
  • Lightning Strikes Twice – every 10th attack does double damage
  • Underdog – if enemy has more health, Dwarf does 10% more damage
  • Mjolnir – throw weapon at range dealing melee damage
  • Beer Armor – temporary damage reduction that also slows down the Dwarf


Mist Rhinokin
A Rhinokin in all its glory!

Peaceful at heart, Rhinokin prefer nature and independence.

  • Thick skin – increased defense
  • Size Matters – can dual wield two handed weapons
  • Sweeping Strikes – increased melee range
  • Belly Bump – pushback attack
  • Horn Attack – charge with a stun


Swashbucklers who love collecting gold, the Mousekin abilities favor quick attacks, and even quicker movements!

  • Surprise – critical attacks can stun
  • Fast Fingers – quicker attacks with certain weapons
  • Sneaky Fellow – passive chance for opponents to miss attacks against Mousekin
  • Escape Artist – break out of a stun or slow
  • Catch me if you can – jump forward ability


A long-lived, nature loving people, Elves prefer diplomacy, but also understand the need for vengeance when wronged. Master of magic and the martial arts, Elves have many ways to hurt and confound their opponents.

  • Poison – attacks have a chance to slow enemies
  • Sweet Spot – greater chance to critically hit
  • Dark Focus – increased hitbox against enemies when using ranged weapons
  • Vampiric Essence – spells have a chance to drain opponents mana and heal the Elf
  • Night’s Child – temporary invisibility


Mist Orc

A warrior culture focused on the concepts of honor and bravery, Orcs seek out their foes in battle. And their abilities reflect this focus on the fight.

  • Bloodlust – successful attacks increase damage output
  • Toughness – Orcs deal more damage when wounded
  • Hard Hitter – critical strikes do more damage
  • Death Stare – silence
  • Head Smash – stop enemy from auto-attacking for a few seconds

What is Mist?

Mist is a fantasy, MMORPG game currently in development on the Binance Chain. Built on Unity, Mist features an open world with eight races, five character classes, and an action oriented combat style.

The game has its own token, MIST. This is the main currency for the game. MIST exists on the Binance chain and will be used for all in-game transactions. In-game equipment will be minted as NFTs, and as such can be freely bought, sold, and traded by the players. NFTs can also be upgraded using multiple copies (which are burned) and MIST tokens. The player receives a new, upgraded NFT.

Players will have opportunities to invest into local businesses in-game, earning income as those businesses make sales.

They have already sold their initial batch of NFTs for classes and items, dubbing these the 1st Edition. These are only available for purchase from other players now, and will offer some sort of ongoing bonuses for the players. Players who don’t own any Mist NFTs can still play using a default class called the Adventurer.

Look for more info about Mist throughout the month of April!

Mist Month Infographic
more info to come!
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