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Big Time Founder Sale Launching Monday July 19th

big time founder NFT sale artwork

Big Time Studios has announced their founder’s sale for the upcoming online game Big Time will happen on Monday July 19th. As earlier communicated, the sale will take place on the Binance NFT Marketplace, using the Binance Smart Chain.

Readers who are into Big Time, will notice that the sale has been postponed a bit. Originally the sale was supposed to happen on July 15, but now they moved it four days.

During the Big Time Founder’s NFT Sale gamers can buy original NFT artwork, but more important is the VIP access. These access passes give players early access to the gaming world of Big Time. This will also mean that these players are among the first to start earning limited edition NFTs.

VIP Passes and NFT artworks

Big Time Studios will sell three types of VIP passes. There will be 100 Gold VIP passes. These passes cost $499 each, and these NFT holders will be the first to gain access to the game. A total of 300 Silver VIP passes will cost $299 each, while the 600 Jade VIP passes will go for $179.

In addition they will sell postcard mystery packs for $39,99, each containing six cards. These packs also have a chance to provide VIP Access Passes. Furthermore, there will be cinematic NFTs, each with 100 editions for $299 per NFT. Lastly one NFT artwork will go up for auction with a starting price of $499.

What is Big Time?

Big Time Studios is working on a new action RPG where players can team up, battle enemies and earn NFT loot. The action RPG is called Big Time, and players can pick different characters, each with an unique play style. For now the Time Warrior and the Chronomancer have been revealed, and the game’s settings are based on history. However, characters and events will probably not be historically accurate.

As a time traveler players need to battle a mysterious threat that could destroy the space time continuum. Thanks to procedural dungeons, no level will be exactly the same. According to the official website, players can decorate their own time machine with rewards earned across all of space time.

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