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Big Time Quantum Fixer and VIP Access Pass Sales

big time shadow player character role

After numerous delays, Big Time finally launched their VIP Access Pass sale, with much success. Gold and Silver level passes sold out immediately, while Jade level passes are still available. These VIP passes provide early access to the Big Time game and offer the chance to discover limited edition cosmetic and decorative items. We are also introduced to two new character classes and three Adventure zones!

The sale for the Big Time VIP Access Passes ends on October 1st, so you will need to be super fast. If you miss the VIP sale, you still have a chance to acquire a Pass. The last Mystery Box sale is coming up on October 4th, 12pm UTC. The sale is on Binance. 40,000 boxes are available, each costing $20 USD. Purchases made with BUSD.

Each Mystery Box has a chance to drop one of six animated postcards containing scenes from the Infinity Vault. There is also a chance that you might find a VIP Access Pass hidden inside of a box! This is the last chance to ever buy these boxes! And anyone who collects all six postcards receives a special, exclusive wearable after the game launches.

Quantum Fixer and Shadow Blade

Aside from the VIP Access Pass Sales, Big Time also revealed two more playable classes: the Quantum Fixer and the Shadow Blade. Quantum Fixers fill the medic role, while also providing support as hacker / engineer. Technology and gadgetry are their tools of choice. As you might imagine, Shadow Blades are more of a ninja-spy-thief type of character. They move in the shadows, strike swiftly, and disarm obstacles for their group. We expect to hear more details about the character classes in the near future.

Adventure Locations

Big Time also gave us sneak peeks at three adventure locations. The first map features a goliath known as The Planet Burner. A broken relic from a conflict long forgotten, the Plant Burner offers wealth and technological marvels for those bold enough to venture inside the ruined carcass. With deadly traps, radiation leaks, and strange creatures lurking among the ruins, this adventure location provides a challenge for even the most experienced teams!

The second revealed adventure location is the Paradox Forge. Created as self-running robot-building factories, rumors now speak of giant machines of war and AI defects. Is something nefarious happening inside of these Forges? Players will have a chance to find out for themselves in this early game location. The Paradox Forge is also the scene for one of the animated postcards found in the Mystery Boxes.

And last but not least, we have the Infinity Vault. A secure storage for important artifacts throughout the flow of history, the Infinity Vault offers invaluable prizes for those who don’t mind a little larceny. But no one has ever successfully gotten past the defenses of the alien Curators and lived to tell the tale. Will you be the first?

The Infinity Vault

What is Big Time?

Big Time is a cooperative, multiplayer action game. Players join forces to adventure across time and space to uncover a threat to the very fabric of existence! Lead by Albert Einstein, the Evermore Academy, an organization devoted to the defense of Time, recruits time travelers to help solve the mystery.

Like Team Fortress 2 or Overwatch, players choose character classes, each of which has its own special skills and abilities. However, Big Time offers extra customization through a dynamic class system. Players level up characters, choose weapon types, and can even switch between characters on the fly! From the Warhammer to Dual Blades to the Quantum Staff, each weapon offers different strengths.

Loot from Adventures can be cosmetic or provide character bonuses. Any that provide bonuses will not be tradeable. Some cosmetic items are NFTs, and can be freely bought and sold.

Players also own personal spaces (Time Machines) which they decorate with prizes, loot, and customizations. Invite others to visit your Time Machines and show off your interior design skills!

Rogue Clockies, an enemy in Big Time

Early access is expected to begin in early 2022.

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