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Get Ready for Tiny Colony Character Mint on April 28th

tiny colony

The ant-inspired and Solana-built blockchain game Tiny Colony is all set for its first character NFT mint. Following its highly successful “Colony” or land mint on Fractal, the Tiny Colony team is finally launching its Character NFTs on the same marketplace. A total of 10,000 Character NFTs will be available for minting on April 28th, at 3 pm PST via Fractal. 

The Tiny Colony team is also rewarding Colony holders with whitelist (WL) tokens. These tokens give them a guarantee to mint a Character NFT within a specific period and at a discounted price. Currently, some “Ant Colonies,” the virtual lands in the game, are being traded at Fractal.

Types of Character NFTs at Tiny Colony

Users can choose and mint characters from among 9 “factions.” Each faction features a certain type of character. Meanwhile, each character type offers different functionalities and gameplay. They also vary according to fighting styles, available weapons to choose from, and upgradability.

On the mint day, you may pick any of the following factions and get a randomized Character with a specific rarity.

  • Creatures. These are cute creatures who roam Tiny Colony’s mystical land.
  • Nobles. They are respected Ants that collect the spirits’ powers.
  • Elders. They’re also highly respected Ants who’ve returned to their respective kingdoms.
  • Heroes. These are nomads and don’t belong to any kingdom.
  • Persians. They belong to the Persian Empire.
  • Samurai. These are honorable and resilient members of the Samurai Kingdom.
  • Vikings. Part of the Great Viking Army, these are ferocious and intimidating.
  • Scientists. These are “human” scientists who’ve shrunk themselves to the size of tiny Ants. They will soon find a way to communicate with the Ants.
  • Sorcerers. Having taken the spirits’ powers for themselves, these are the cursed Nobles.

Interestingly, operating one type of Colony doesn’t keep a player from using a Character that belongs to another kingdom. For example, if you have a Samurai Colony, you can integrate a Persian Character or a Viking into your Colony.

Each Character NFT has a unique set of properties

How to Get Whitelist Access for Tiny Colony Character NFTs

Those who already own a Colony or a Tiny OG will receive a specific number of WL tokens. To qualify for the WL access tokens, Colony holders need to delist their Colony from Magic Eden and hold their Colony in their Solana wallet instead.

Whitelist Tokens for Each Colony Holder

Nest holders will receive 1 WL token, while owners of Samurai Lands, Persian Empire, and Vikings Mountains will get 2 WL tokens. On the other hand, each holder of a Scientist Output and a Sorcerers Hideout will receive 3 WL tokens. Meanwhile, Spirit Hotspots owners will get the highest number of airdropped tokens, i.e., 5 WL tokens.

Whitelist Promotion for Non-Colony Holders

The Tiny Colony team will airdrop 2 whitelist tokens to anyone who completes all tasks in their current whitelist promotion at Gleam. These whitelist tokens will allow users to mint a Character NFT on Fractal Marketplace without having to suffer from gas wars.

Gas wars occur when people compete to get to mint NFTs first. Often they overpay for gas fees just to get their transaction confirmed faster than others.

With whitelist tokens, you can mint a Tiny Colony Character NFT for 1.5 SOL. Meanwhile, those who don’t own such tokens can mint their character NFTs at 2 SOL. That means getting on the whitelist allows you to save 25% OFF the regular mint price. Roughly through March 2022, 1 SOL has fluctuated in value between 80 to 120 USD.

If you complete the requirements at Tiny Colony’s whitelist (WL) promotion, you may also be one of the 10 lucky winners of a rare Character NFT.

Leading up to the mint date, the Tiny Colony team will also be holding community events. Among others, they will hold Level-up Contents, Invite Contests, Tiny Arcade, and Art Contests.

What is Tiny Colony?

Tiny Colony is a blockchain game inspired by ants, hence the terms “tiny” and “colony.” It offers play-and-earn opportunities to players. In the Tinyverse—the Tiny Colony metaverse—colonies refer to virtual lands. If you’re a Colony holder or landowner, you can build and grow Ant Colonies and defend their bases against dark forces.

Colony or land ownership also gives players the privilege of governance. That means they could participate in decisions on game updates. In addition, being a Colony holder also means being able to experience reward sharing within the Tinyverse.

Tiny Colony Game Modes

This blockchain game features several game modes, including a PVE (Player versus Environment) mode. It also has a PVP (Player versus Player) mode called the Gladiator Arena. Plus, it features combined PVE & PVP modes in Battle Arena and Tiny Wars.

Tiny Colony also bills itself as the first-ever Construction & Management Blockchain Game on Solana.

While Ant Colony holders experience special rewards, anyone can start playing Tiny Colony without owning any NFTs. You may enjoy trying out the Construction and Management Simulator elements and start building using a basic set of cells. Plus, you may interact with base game characters in the “Training Grounds.”

Tiny Colony’s game characters and environment follow a pixelated design, similar to WorldWideWebb and Aavegotchi.

To learn more about Tiny Colony, you can check out their official website or follow real-time updates and announcements through their Discord community. You may also watch out for Tiny Colony NFTs currently on sale at the Fractal Marketplace.