Karen is a multipotentialite who finds comfort in writing and gaming. In her downtime, she'd pick up a book or play racing and battle games. When not in the P2E world, she'd be basking in a nature retreat with a cat named Yuki.
  • OpenSea Makes a Step Towards Decentralization with New Seaport Protocol

    On May 20, OpenSea announced version one of the Seaport protocol. Seaport is a new set of Web3 NFT marketplace standards for buying and selling non-fungible tokens. Among other exciting things, Seaport will allow NFT collectors to barter their NFTs with other NFTs from a collection they like. The protocol is also open-source and decentralized. […]
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  • Get Ready for Tiny Colony Character Mint on April 28th

    The ant-inspired and Solana-built blockchain game Tiny Colony is all set for its first character NFT mint. Following its highly successful “Colony” or land mint on Fractal, the Tiny Colony team is finally launching its Character NFTs on the same marketplace. A total of 10,000 Character NFTs will be available for minting on April 28th, […]
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