Get Ready to Grow Seeds on Defi Land

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Defi Land revealed all the juicy details about their upcoming Seed sale, including specific dates! On February 8th and 9th, 7500 Seeds will be dropped. These Seeds grow into Core Gen-0 NFTs that provide various bonuses to Defi Land minigames. This will be the first play to earn opportunity on Defi Land, and with the ability to earn and craft additional NFTs from the Gen-0 Core NFTs, expect these Seeds to be a hot commodity!

The Seed sale begins on February 8th on the Magic Eden, an NFT platform. After that, the remaining 5000 Seeds go up for sale on the Defi Land website. Seeds cost 2 SOL each in both sales. Each wallet can purchase a maximum of 4 Seeds. Owners plant their Seeds by locking them into a smart contract for 30 days. Every 24 hours, players must water their Seeds using DFL tokens. From 50-150 tokens may be used per watering. The more tokens used, the better the results.

DFL tokens are currently priced at about 6 cents apiece, to give you an idea of the total cost involved in growing a Seed. All DFL tokens used for watering will be burned, potentially reducing the current supply of the token by as much as 6%!

Seed Rewards

After 30 days, Seeds can be harvested. Rewards from the Seeds are based on a 5 tier system, determined by how often and how much the Seed was watered, with Tier 1 receiving up to 4 items! Better Tiers also have higher chances of creating a Rare item. Here is the complete breakdown of the reward Tiers.

Tier 5 = 0–750 DFL added in total. Reward is 1 Gen-0 NFT with a small chance of receiving a rare item.
Tier 4 = 751–2000 DFL in total. Reward is 2 Gen-0 NFTs with a small chance of receiving a rare item.
Tier 3 = 2001–3000 DFL in total. Reward is 2 Gen-0 NFTs with a higher chance of receiving a rare item.
Tier 2 = 3001–4199 DFL in total. Reward is 3 Gen-0 NFTs with a medium chance of receiving a rare item.
Tier 1 = 4200–4500 DFL in total. Reward is 4 Gen-0 NFTs with the highest chance of receiving a rare item.

Defi Land Seed grow stage graphic
grow my little seeds, grow!

Defi Land isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so these Gen-0 Core NFTs will likely hold their value for some time.

Core NFTs

Core NFTs are needed to unlock and play certain mini-games on the Defi Land site. Each NFT pairs with a specific minigame and offers three or more attributes that provide advantages in that game. The NFTs from this launch include animals, fishing rods, hunting guns, and harvesters.

Fishing Rod NFT from Defi Land
fish for profit!

In addition, each Core NFT is composed of components, each of which can be leveled up individually. For example, with a Fishing Rod, the Body component determines how quickly it wears out, while an improved Reel makes it easier to catch bigger fish. Floats speed up the action and the higher Hook level help to snag rarer fish! Level up your components for better results. NFT components have individual rarities that determine their starting and max levels. Legendaries parts start at level 30 and can go as high as 100. This variety of rarities, levels, and parts should make each NFT unique.

Minigame players have opportunities to earn future NFTs through in-game quests and achievements. Also, Gen-0 NFTs will be able to craft new NFTs with blueprints, another item found from playing the minigames.

What is Defi Land?

DeFi Land is a project on the Solana blockchain that wants to “gamify every single product and service in the crypto industry”. The began with decentralized finance (defi). In DeFi Land, players don’t just deposit their coins and tokens into ‘farms’ and harvest the income. Instead, they actually go into a game interface and convert their coins into seeds, which then must be grown on the in-game farm.

Visit the Seed Laboratory to provide liquidity and receive LP tokens in the form of seeds. Plant the seeds. The seeds grow and provide yields, which the player can harvest for more seeds! The game also offers an educational mode for newcomers so they can practice and learn about defi before using any of their real money. Though it is technically free to play, users do need to pay a small fee in SOL to register their wallet. And, of course, if you want to actually participate in the liquidity pools, you will need real funds for that.

Unlike some other projects, DeFi Land has only one token, DFL (the DeFi Land token), which function as a governance token and an in-game currency. The team plans to implement a staking pool for DFL as well.

Public beta is already underway, with the first play to earn mechanics expected in February. NFT owners can earn $DFL and other resources. The game features buildings for swapping tokens and other integrated features. DeFi Land recently partnered with Audius to place a radio tower in the world that lets users stream and listen to music while playing! That’s pretty cool and an excellent showcase of cross-app functionality!

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