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Tiny Colony MVP Release and Game Development Update

Tiny Colony MVP Release

The Tiny Colony MVP (Minimum Viable Product) was launched recently for the Tiny Colony community so that players can try out the core mechanics and gameplay, provide feedback, and report bugs to the development team. Since the release of the MVP, access codes have been given daily to players for testing the game.

Based on the suggestions from the community, iLogos – the game developer, will work on removing bugs and polishing the game features. The MVP has some very interesting features that players will encounter while playing the game, such as colony resources, tools, XTINY tokens, 35 different cells, and exciting rewards.

Tiny Colony Alpha Release Updates

The Tiny Colony developer team has received over 400+ bug submissions from players who tried the MVP version last month. As a result, the developers have carried out a Quality Assurance process on the game to remove the bugs and enhance the game’s features before the Alpha version is released.

The Alpha version is expected to release by the end of September this year, including the base defense mode. The base defense mode is the second core mechanic of Tiny Colony and will allow players to defend their colony from zombie ants. In the Alpha version, players will see new base defense mechanics, new cells like the hospital cell shown in the alpha teaser below, and other exciting defense mechanics. 

They have also planned to integrate a questing system, an in-game story with cutscenes, and more cells in the beta version. The developers have also finalized the designs and UI of the Alpha. During the next month, an updated roadmap and a new bug tracker for the community for further game testing will be released.

Tiny Colony Alpha Teaser

Tiny Colony MVP Access

To become a Tiny Colony play-tester you will first need to sign up for the MVP. The MVP – or Minimum Viable Product – is a demo version created to understand the player base and needs. After getting feedback from the MVP, developers will work on enhancing the game. To access the MVP, players need a Fractal Game wallet with a Tiny Colony NFT. Although the game is built on Solana, only Fractal wallet is supported.

After connecting the wallet, transfer your Tiny Colony NFTs from other wallets to Fractal. You get redirected to the “Welcome to the MVP” page. Enter your access code, and now you can play the game. Players could get access codes by participating in Tiny Colony Contests and giveaways. In July, various contests like Meme, Content, Lore, Tiny Force Raffles, and Twitter giveaways were hosted. All colony holders were given access to the MVP by July 28, 2022.

How to Access Tiny Colony MVP?

MVP Feature: Cells

There are over 35 cells in the game, but only 10 cells are available in the MVP. Following are the cells introduced in the MVP version:

  • Nest Cell: The first cell that players will construct is the Nest Hall. Colony upgrades can be done using this cell.
  • Farm cell: The farm cell allows players to produce sugar and increase the sugar production of their colonies.
  • Mine Cell: The Mine Cell is another cell that produces scraps. Scraps are required to build additional cells and tunnels. Players can assign mining ants to each cell to increase production.
  • Storage Cell: Storage Cell will be used to increase Sugar and Scrap limits.
  • Lab Cell: In the lab cell, new ant larvae are produced. Here you can increase your larvae production and grow your colony.
  • Nursery cell: The Nursery Cell is a place where larvae are incubated. Players can build multiple nursery cells.
  • School cell: Each school cell can train five ants at a time. You can build multiple school cells to train specialized ants.
  • Leisure cell: The leisure cell offers a place to relax and take a break from all work in the colony.
  • Portal cell: The portal cell allows you to import Character NFTs and pets.
  • Training cell: The training cell is used to boost the skills of your NFT character. You can increase the XP of your character here, which will help you in the Base Defense mode in the future.

Colony Resources and Tools

When you start the game by selecting a colony, you receive a starter amount of sugar, scraps, and larvae. As you play the game, you must collect more resources to develop your colony. The resources can be monitored by selecting the resources bar at the bottom of the screen.

There are three tools available in the MVP test – Hammer, Ladder, and Eraser. A hammer is a building tool, a ladder is a tunneling tool, and an eraser can be used to delete unwanted cells or tunnels. The tools will be available at the bottom right of the window.

Tiny Colony Resources

Reporting Bugs in MVP

The MVP versions tend to be unstable and contain some bugs. Players who find out bugs and UI inconsistencies in the game must report them through a Bug Report form on the official Discord Channel. Rewards are being given out to such players, along with a Discord role of Bug Bounty Hunter.

Tiny Colony Bugs Reporting

What are the Rewards for completing Tiny Colony MVP?

Players who complete the MVP receive Bunker Skin NFTs. The Skins depend on the type of colony a player has selected in the MVP. For different colonies, there are different bunker skins. Bunker NFTs can be used post alpha release, where they will have in-game functionalities. The MVP is considered complete once a Character NFT is placed in the Training Cell.

What is the Tiny Colony game?

Tiny Colony is a construction simulation blockchain game in which players can build and grow ant colonies, defend bases, attack other colonies and participate in community events. Different game modes range from Battle Arenas, Gladiator fights, community quests, and tiny wars to tiny slots. 

Players can trade game items with other players or complete missions to earn tokens. They can acquire different NFTs in the game, including characters, boosters, cells, vehicles, collectibles, pets, potions, and more. $TINY is the official token of Tiny Colony and can be used to buy in-game items. Players can buy Tiny Colony NFTs from the Fractal marketplace and trade them.

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