WorldWide Webb Video Tour

Today our host Bruno takes us for a little video tour of the WolrdWide Webb Metaverse. WorldWideWebb is a pixelated 2D MMO set in a dystopian universe where your NFT avatar can come to life. No matter whether you own a CryptoPunk, CyberKongz, Bored Ape or Toadz, each of them become playable characters inside WorldWideWebb.

What is WorldWide Webb?

WorldWide Webb’s open alpha is available for a few month already and the team keeps adding new quests and third party NFT integrations to the project. The universe is filled with references to crypto, video games and pop culture making it a really fun experience.

In this world you can also use your Mooncat or CrypToad as a battle pet. The developers want to integrate as many third party projects as possible. If you don’t have any of the supported NFTs, you can always play with a CryptoWeeb. Those are the native characters.

Land owner can also develop their own experiences in the WorldWide Webb pixelated Metaverse. In Q2 2022, the team is planning to organize Game Jams where game creators will compete by creating play-to-earn games within the WorldWide Webb Metaverse.

To learn more about the game, check out Worldwide Webb’s Whitepaper and go try the open quests available in the open alpha on