Secure your Spot on the World Eternal Online Hero Presale Whitelist

Many of us are waiting for the release of World Eternal Online, an upcoming AAA play-to-earn MMORPG. The team just opened community whitelist application. This is your chance to secure your spot on the Hero presale whitelist for free!

For this first Hero presale, there will be a total of 3,000 whitelist spots. The first 1,000 spots will be given to community members. 1,000 spots are reserved for strategic partners and guilds. The remaining 1,000 will be for VIP pass holders which will be available for purchase at a later date.

Getting your Spot on the Community Whitelist

The team wants to reward the most active and passionate community members and also grow their presence across social media platforms.

To participate, community members will need to create content on YouTube, Twitter, TikTok and other platforms. WEO fan art, memes and emojis are also welcome. Participation on the project’s Discord server will also be taken into account. You can help answer questions, give suggestions or just help and inform new members.

Quality will be preferred over quantity and moderators will keep their eyes open to identify top contributors. It will be useless to just spam communities and shill the project.

Your content can be submitted by filling out a google form. You can edit your submission as many times as you want if you created additional content.

Each week, the team will select a number of participants until they have reached the total amount of 1,000 whitelisted users.

The Heroes of World Eternal Online

What is World Eternal Online?

In short, World Eternal Online is a MMORPG where players are part of the many facets of a player-driven crafting economy.

If you want to explore dungeons, fight monsters and find treasures, there is a place for you. If you want to master a craft and be the greatest smith or alchemist, one that all players know the name and that has a waiting list for their pricey (but fair paid) services, you are welcomed to do so!

Even if fun for you means being a landlord and making your city prosper, establishing the most ruthless guild or making a farm to breed and sell cute pets; none of these are out of your grasp!

WEO is developed by Core Loop which was founded by a team of veterans from MachineZone, GREE and Funzio. The game will be available on iOS, Android and PC.

Stay tuned for more news in the upcoming months. In the meantime you can pre-register on WEO’s website and join their Discord server.