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PlayDapp Aims for Fair Play-to-Earn Environment

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Gaming platform PlayDapp wants the launch of the play-to-earn server of their mobile RPG Along with the Gods to be as fair as possible. Therefore all players will start with a clean sheet, including those who already used NFTs in the classic version of the game. It will take one month before players can import their NFTs and benefit from their boosts.

When players want to move over to the play-to-earn server, they will need to use the same wallet they used for staking their PLAYZ NFTs. The server will open on October 27th, that’s tomorrow. Failure to do so might impact your earnings, and of course you can file a support ticket, but this will take extra time. Details about staking and the Item Manager can be found in this guide.

However, as we said, all players will start their play-to-earn journey in Along with the Gods with a clean sheet. PlayDapp wants to make sure that some players will not have an insane advantage over the rest. This would especially be the case when it comes to the PLA rewards from the weekly PVP ranking tournaments. After one month certain items can be moved as NFTs between the servers.

PlayDapp also allows players to have farm accounts or smurf accounts, next to their play-to-earn accounts. Players can transfer NFTs between their own wallet accounts, as long as all wallet accounts are registered under the same email address.

How to play and earn in Along with the Gods

By staking their NFTs in the Item Manager, players can earn PLA token rewards from playing the game. The NFTs you can stake are the PlayDapp native PLAYZ NFTs, special characters central to the ecosystem. The Daily Quest Rewards from Along with the Gods will reward PLA tokens if you stake 3 SR rank PLAYZ. In addition players can unlock the PLA rewards for the Weekly Arena by staking 1 SSR rank PLAYZ NFT. There are also some rules for staking, which you can find here.

The easiest way to get these PLAYZ NFTs is by buying them from the marketplace. For roughly $50 you can get a SR character. An SSR characters costs $180 on the secondary market. Once you have these, the PLA earning mechanics for Along with the Gods will unlock.

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