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Gala Games Asks for Community Vote on Betwixt

Betwixt concept art Gala Games

Node owners of the Gala Games network will get to vote on whether Betwixt, an artistic adventure game, will join the gaming network. Mind Monsters Games is working on the adventure game, and expects to release an early access alpha version in early 2022.

Betwixt describes itself as a play-to-thrive game where generative art evolves based on player choices during the adventure. Central to the game is the theme about mental health. Aside from the game there will be generative NFT artworks that change based on player actions in the game. Gala Games considers this one of the innovative blockchain features of the game.

Right now Betwixt doesn’t have any play-to-earn mechanics tied to it, but there adding a token and game specific nodes are some of the options to support and grow Betwixt in the future. For now node operators will receive a percentage of the PFP artworks, distributed at random.

The node holders get to vote on whether Mind Monsters Games receives $1 million in funding to develop Betwixt. This would be the second game to receive $1 million in funding. Earlier this month we already mentioned FASTR, an upcoming tactical shooter. Gala Games has a $100 million Game Development Fund to support these types of projects. The vote will launch soon, take three days and a majority vote decides.

Will Gala become GALA exclusive?

Gala Games considers making their NFTs exclusive to those who pay using their native GALA token. At the moment Gala Games allows users to buy NFTs within their ecosystem using ETH, BAT and their own native token GALA. However, the company considers to make GALA the sole currency for all NFT sales in their Gala Games ecosystem.

In September Gala Games announced a renewed pricing system for their Founder’s Nodes, an independent blockchain run by the community. Instead of a price increase of $100 for every 100 node licenses sold, starting from October 1st the price will increase $500 with every 100 nodes sold. However, the maximum price someone will ever pay for a node would be $100.000. However, users will only be able to buy these nodes using GALA token.

Internally Gala Games has already has discussions about making this change effective across the entire ecosystem. This would make GALA the exclusive token for all games in the entire Gala Games ecosystem, which includes Town Star, Mirandus, Echoes of Empire, Spider Tanks and perhaps very soon Betwixt as well.

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