A First Look Into the MMORPG Domi Online

Domi Online is starting to make some noise and ‘Domi-nate’ the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) world. Some believe that this medieval fantasy-themed game will be the best one yet among similar traditional and game-fi projects.

The project was initiated in 2021 by an elite development team on the gaming and blockchain side. Their lead developer is a former technical developer at Jagex (RuneScape). Recently, the game has opened its doors for alpha key players to traverse the world of Domi Online and learn the game before its beta release.

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding this NFT game. One reason might be because of its giant partners including Animoca, Galaxy Interactive, Cumberland, Sino Global Capital, and others who have invested a total of  $2.7M in the project.

And now, players are counting the days to try out the MMORPG every game enthusiast is looking for.

Here’s a sneak peek at Domi Online with everything we are to look forward to.

Unique features of Domi Online

So, what makes Domi online stand out among other MMORPG games? Let’s break down the unique features this game has to offer.

A non-traditional MMORPG

In Domi Online there is no level and no skill cap. It means that all players can level up and build their stats with no limits. It also means that everyone has an equal chance to dominate the vast open world of Domi. This can only be attained by spending time grinding mobs or completing quests.

However, you must think ahead and strategize for each major hunt because mana regenerates slowly. Also, damage and life depend on your character’s abilities, weapons, spells, and level. Be careful not to quickly lose a life because death comes with consequences—substantial level, item, and skill loss.

Players can either go rogue or form a guild to protect themselves from being pk’ed (player kill). They also get access to guild towers and personal houses (mana regeneration).  

And the long list goes on—no boring quests, no dailies, no escort quests, no means of teleporting to a dungeon or instance, and definitely no flying mounts.

Seasonal reward system

Domi online prepares lavish rewards for the highest-level players on the leaderboard. This is true for both all-time highest rankers and season top players.

Season quests and tournaments will be completely captivating. Players will compete against each other and the environment for the best spawns, heaps of treasures, and highest ranks.

Underpinned NFTs

“We want to give our players actual ownership of their most valuable gear…we’re making sure what’s yours is yours.”

That’s the heartbeat of Domi Online—to develop an MMORPG where players could own their in-game properties and earn from them. When you get a hold of rare gear and weapons from monsters, an NFT will be minted on your account connected to the item(s). 

Then, through the game’s trade system, players can auction their assets in the marketplace in and outside the game. That means players will be free from the limits of the traditional in-game economy. NFTs could be in the form of a housing system, mount, weapon, and gear among others. This will solve the problem of losing players’ digital assets when servers shut down. 

How gamers can potentially play to earn

The company aims to release an in-game token ($DOMI) to provide a fair economy among players. They can buy and sell items in the marketplace without affecting their gameplay. As mentioned, players have the chance to obtain NFTs during quests. They can sell these assets within and outside the internal marketplace. In this way, players can have higher chances of gaining revenue.

On top of these, Domi Online includes a battle pass “freemium” feature. With it, you can enjoy exclusive in-game rewards (cosmetics, houses, mounts, and other goods).

Domi also ensures a continuous flow of tokens and P2E incentives within the ecosystem. Thus, it has allotted a significant amount of its token supply for awards.

Domi Online will launch alpha testing soon

The Dev Team has announced to launch of the Alpha version of Domi Online at the end of September 2022. Thousands of avid players have expressed that they can’t wait to get their hands on the game. 

If you wish to be the first to play Domi Online, you may apply for alpha access on their official website. You will then be linked to a google form to fill out a few personal details.  

Domi Online will be an open world of unimaginable adventure and a hardcore test of skills, wit,  and teamwork!

With its unique features and massive positive responses, Domi Online is set to ‘redefine’ the next generation of P2E MMORPG gaming.