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PlayDapp Using Chainlink to Merge NFTs

playdapp nft event merge

The PlayDapp ecosystem will soon launch the ability to merge NFTs into something new, thanks to the implementation of Chainlink and their Verifiable Random Function. Gamers can merge NFTs to increase their value, while the system also creates rarity.

PlayDapp offers a variety of NFTs that players can use across the PlayDapp ecosystem, for example as a character in PlayDapp Town or a power-up in another game. In the near future gamers can go to their account options, and then select the NFTs that apply to a certain category or product. After that they will choose the NFTs to merge, and a Joker might increase the chance for a better, newly created NFT. Ultimately it’s the goal to make your NFTs SR or even SSR.

Here’s a teaser of what NFT merging would look like:

But why Chainlink?

Now you might wonder what Chainlink has to do with this? Well, normally when you play a game where you receive a reward, you will need to trust the developers that the reward distribution is truly random and fair. On the blockchain Chainlink VRF can provide that certainty. By integration Chainlink VRF into a dapp, users and developers can be equally sure that the outcome is truly random.

Chainlink and the developers store all data, which determines the way the system picks a reward or outcome, on the blockchain. As a result everybody can always see. if you have some technical knowhow, whether things are fair. This seems like a very useful tool to balance economies and not give developers all the power. Again, decentralization comes with benefits.

What is PlayDapp working on

Without a doubt their most ambitious product right now, is PlayDapp Town. In PlayDapp Town gamers can use unique NFT characters, as well as regular Roblox ones. Players will find a variety of activities in the game world, including a school playground, a market, fishing activities, soccer field and concert venue. Those NFT characters are of course the ones you can merge into something new.

PlayDapp has the PlayDapp Games platform, where players can play games like CryptoDozer, Along with the Gods, Soulseeker and the MMO Asta. On their marketplace games and companies can sell various game items, including items from third-party games like League of Kingdoms. These games and the marketplace all benefit from their recent migration to the Polygon blockchain.

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