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PlayDapp Bringing Roblox Game to Polygon

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South Korean blockchain company PlayDapp is bringing its ecosystem to the Polygon blockchain solution, and that means that their Roblox game PlayDapp Town will also move over. The South Korean company will integrate Polygon in its products to make their games and NFT marketplaces more cost effective.

PlayDapp has the PlayDapp Games platform, where players can play games like CryptoDozer, Along with the Gods, Soulseeker and the MMO Asta. On their marketplace games and companies can sell various game items, including items from third-party games like League of Kingdoms. These games and the marketplace will all benefit from the move to Polygon.

“We have had a number of difficulties in carrying out the PlayDapp service as Ethereum fees have skyrocketed recently, and we are pleased that Polygon offers a new solution. We will take the lead in providing an upgraded PlayDapp service through close cooperation between the two companies.”

Sang Chung, head of PlayDapp business (press release)

The switch to Polygon makes a lot of sense for PlayDapp, which has been making moves into the NFT market for some time now. Earlier this month they announced PlayDapp Town, a virtual world where players can show or use NFTs from other projects. One of the promises is to allow players to use their existing NFTs to decorate their characters, or to use them as building blocks for other in-game items.

The ideas for PlayDapp Town don’t come out of nowhere. The company will launch PlayDapp Town inside Roblox. Roblox recently hit the stock market with tremendous success.

NFTs more than just art

The current hype cycle around NFTs makes sure that the technology is mainly hitting headlines as a digital collectible or art project. Every NFT project that involves a celebrity, is about something that looks pretty and could be considered artistic. Paris Hilton. The Weeknd. Lindsay Lohan. Steve Aoki. Which is fine. But it should also be mentioned that NFTs can be a lot more than just that.

In gaming these digital assets can be a legendary sword, a race car or a piece of virtual land. Ultimately NFTs can be business contracts, a will, or a royalties distribution contract. Now IBM will use the technology for corporate patents. With NFTs as art, we’re only scratching the surface of what’s possible, of what’s already possible. If you want to understand NFTs a bit better, read our in-depth educational piece.

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