PlayDapp Adding NFTs to Dragon Blood

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PlayDapp continues to announce new partnerships, signing an agreement to bring NFTs and blockchain mechanics to Dragon Blood. Dragon Blood is a mobile MMORPG that released in Korea on October 18th.

While many companies focus on creating games on the blockchain, PlayDapp instead seeks to bring the blockchain to games by creating a service platform that integrates blockchain and gaming without requiring cryptocurrency from the user. They brought NFTs to Roblox, and now they are doing the same to a mobile MMO called Dragon Blood.

This partnership allows certain game items to be converted into NFTs, allowing for true game item ownership. PlayDapp’s NFT system runs via an SDK and allows connected games to easily mint, burn, and transfer NFTs. They have recently upgraded their system to also allow for merges and upgrades to NFTs.

Dragon Blood is an action-based MMORPG that lets players craft items, level up their characters, and fight in large-scale battles. Each player character has its own dragon, and the game features five different character classes. Players can gather resources to create equipment, upgrade items and become strong enough to enter the dungeons. Dragon Blood features both PVE and PVP content.

If you’re interested, you can download the APK. However, do so at your own risk.

What is PlayDapp working on

Without a doubt their most ambitious product right now, is PlayDapp Town. In PlayDapp Town gamers can use unique NFT characters, as well as regular Roblox ones. Players will find a variety of activities in the game world, including a school playground, a market, fishing activities, soccer field and concert venue. Those NFT characters are of course the ones you can merge into something new.

PlayDapp has the PlayDapp Games platform, where players can play games like CryptoDozer, Along with the Gods, Soulseeker and the MMO Asta. On their marketplace games and companies can sell various game items, including items from third-party games like League of Kingdoms. These games and the marketplace all benefit from their recent migration to the Polygon blockchain.

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