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NFT 2040 Offers Battle Royale with Bored Apes

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The battle royale first-person shooter NFT 2040 allows competitors to use their NFT avatars as game characters, and it will launch its beta on November 15th. Currently the team is selling 2500 Genesis NFT crates, which gives users beta access, free play credits, exclusive airdrops and whitelisting for wearable drops.

These 2500 Genesis crates cost 0.1 ETH each, and at the moment NFT 2040 still has 1656 crates for sale. You will need a crate to get beta access, so that’s interesting. And the crate will allow you to spend more money of future drops, which seems like a weird perk, but could become valuable depending on the hype surrounding NFT 2040.

Now what makes NFT 2040 so interesting to talk about? Frankly, because it gives NFT avatar owners a use-case for their million dollar profile pictures. So far the team has announced support for Bored Ape Yacht Club, Visitors of Imma Degen (VOID), Fluf World, Meebits, Hape Beast Gang, Alien Boys, CyberKongz, Chametheon and more.

What’s interesting about NFT 2040

Earlier this month we posted an article, listing avatar NFT projects that have some use-case in a gaming world or an online virtual social hub. Bored Apes, Fluf World and Imma Degen were also listed. Deadfellaz and Metakrew could also very well be included in the NFT 2040 battle royale matches in the near future.

The idea about the metaverse is that you can move your persona, or avatar, across different locations without ever needing to switch your account. This would mean that you, as a Bored Ape owner, can play NFT 2040 using your NFT avatar, and then move into Somnium Space for a virtual meetup using the exact same NFT character. After some socializing you can then move into a different game or virtual world, once again without changing your appearance or avatar.

This creates a different way of building a game, because game developers need to add the interpretation of certain NFT collections to their game. Is it worth the effort? Only if those players will start to spend money on your project. That’s also interesting about something like Loot, which also introduces a completely different way of building games. Let’s cut it short here, but these developments where game developers integrate NFT projects to attract communities is quite brilliant. Attract the right communities and you attract value, marketing power and perhaps the social push needed for your game to flourish.

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