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CryptoBlades: Kingdoms Land Sale Launches Today

cryptoblades kingdoms map land sale announcement

Not long ago, CryptoBlades was the darling of the play-to-earn scene. But alas, their meteoric rise was not sustainable, and they crashed back down again, shedding players and token value. Luckily for everyone, CryptoBlades was never meant as a cash grab, and they have continued with their plans of building a guild vs guild game. Now, at long last, players can purchase tracts of land for CryptoBlades: Kingdoms from this sale and establish their domain!

CryptoBlades: Kingdoms is a guild vs guild, play-to-earn game. Claim lands, build kingdoms, defend against attacks, and raid and pillage enemy kingdoms. But to do all of that, you might need some land to call home. Lands generate resources, field armies, and are essential for any Kingdoms player.

Today (October 26th), starting at 10am EST or 2pm UTC, you can purchase land in various tiers. Kingdoms has already completed a number of private and launchpad sales. Today, the official public sale will be held on the CryptoBlades market.

The game and land sale are on Binance Smart Chain. Land can be purchased with either $SKILL (the CryptoBlades currency), or $KING (the Kingdoms currency) from the CryptoBlades marketplace. Three tiers are offered, for a total of 135,000 Lands. Cost is tied to the USD value in the image below.

Kingdoms land sale Tier list

Purchasing a Tier 1 land grants you a random plot on the map. However, Tier 2 and 3 purchases allow you to choose which chunk of land you want to live in. But a warning! Each chunk of the map will only have room for one Tier 3 land!

What is CryptoBlades Kingdom

CryptoBlades Kingdoms (CBK) will be a strategy game, featuring land building and play-to-earn mechanics. Players will start the game with a village within a randomized region of land. Players will need to obtain resources, and build their village. Through PVP mechanics players can pillage other villages, while friends can work together in PVE dungeons. However, big parts of the game will feature sandbox mechanics, meaning that players can group up, create their own economies and guilds.

Guilds can watch over each other’s villages, making sure nobody gets attacked. At the same time attacking a village is a strong play-to-earn element in the game. However, players with thought out strategic setups will supposedly have a benefit. The game will also feature a staking mechanism and in-game purchases.

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