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Mobile Game Along with the Gods Now Has NFTs

Along with the Gods PlayDapp Artwork

The mobile role playing game Along with the Gods by PlayDapp now has its blockchain features live, which means that gamers can earn NFTs. They celebrate the development with a Championship Event, where gamers need to play, trade and be active on social media to earn rewards.

Along with the Gods has been around for quite some time, but PlayDapp has completely revamped the game. Gamers can now earn and own NFTs, trade them on the PlayDapp NFT marketplace, and the game offers play-to-earn mechanics.

Gamers interested to play the game, can find it in the Google Play Store. If you want to become competitive, you can convert game items into NFTs, and trade on the NFT marketplace. To more you do this, the more points you will earn. Top performers will earn the PlayDapp native PLA token, which also ties into for example the virtual world of PlayDapp Town inside Roblox.

The event will run 4 weeks. Players who have never played the game, need to make sure to login regularly. This will earn them Prospera Light Shards. When you earn enough of these, you can summon an Ancient God Hero named Propera. Through the NFT generation and the trading competitions players can earn PLA and some game items. You can find full details in their blog.

So what is PlayDapp?

PlayDapp has the PlayDapp Games platform, where players can play games like CryptoDozer, Along with the Gods, Soulseeker and the MMO Asta. On their marketplace games and companies can sell various game items, including items from third-party games like League of Kingdoms. The entire ecosystem is now powered by the Polygon blockchain, but it used to exist on Ethereum.

The switch to Polygon makes a lot of sense for PlayDapp, which has been making moves into the NFT market for some time now. PlayDapp has also launched their own blockchain-powered virtual world, PlayDapp World, within the Roblox ecosystem. In PlayDapp Town gamers can use unique NFT characters, as well as regular Roblox ones. Players will find a variety of activities in the game world, including a school playground, a market, fishing activities, soccer field and concert venue.

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