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Nine Chronicles Launched NCG Bridge to Ethereum

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Nine Chronicles has launched a bridge between their custom blockchain and the Ethereum blockchain, which will allow players to move earned NCG tokens out of the game’s ecosystem into the wider metaverse. Even though the launch didn’t happen without issues, the bridge has now been established.

Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) is the in-game currency for the idle role playing game Nine Chronicles. Players earn NCG by completing quests and selling items. They can also earn NCG by allowing their computer to serve as a node in the custom blockchain network. Of course the token can also be used in the game itself. However, thanks to the bridge gamers can now move value from the game into the wider DeFi ecosystem.

Those who bridge Nine Chronicles Gold to the Ethereum blockchain, will receive WNCG. Using the bridge, users can send WNCG assets directly from MetaMask or other Web3 wallets and dapps. For example, they can trade WNCG or provide liquidity on SushiSwap, or perhaps borrow or lend through Aave. If you’re interested to move your earned NCG around, then go see their step-by-step guide.

Winning a part of $2 million

Last week Nine Chronicles announced the play-to-earn Arena Season 0 event during which gamers can win a total of more than $2 million in NCG tokens. In addition the team announced plans to giveaway limited edition Season 0 NFTs, commemorating the first competitive event for Nine Chronicles.

The Arena Season 0 event for Nine Chronicles will start on Wednesday, September 8th. The event will take four weeks approximately 4 weeks, until October 6th. However, the event will end when a certain block has been mined by the blockchain. As a result the exact timing of the end of the event can change a bit.

There will be 896,000 NCG to win. Every week there will be a 112,000 NCG prize pool for the best 500 players, bringing the total of weekly rewards for the entire event to 448,000. In addition there will be 448,000 in monthly arena awards for all participants.

One problem, you will need an access code. Keep your eyes on the Nine Chronicles Discord or Twitter channels.

What is Nine Chronicles?

Nine Chronicles is a blockchain game that uses its very own blockchain and also introduces its own cryptocurrency. Every player who downloads the game, is able to contribute to the network. They participate by supplying computing power, also known as mining. Players can use the acquired NCG in the game. The game uses the blockchain network to register item ownership, item transfers and even gameplay choices.

The developers promote Nine Chronicles as a ‘fully decentralized RPG powered by the players’. According to them gamers can play, mine resources (and therefore make money), trade and govern the game world together. As a result gamers will have some form of political power in game world.

The great war between the gods ripped the Nine Worlds apart, and even though the gods eventually put an end to their conflict, the scars of war had already started to cause Yggdrasil, the world tree to wither. Then one day, a stray cat in Midgard wishing to be reborn as a human, was called by the goddess and reincarnated as a half-cat, half-human being.

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