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Cometh Bringing MUST Mining to Mobile Devices

Cometh spaceship NFT stats

The developers of Cometh have made it one of their priorities to bring Cometh to mobile devices, in addition the yield farming game will receive a complete overhaul with new features. Since the game launch in February, more than 10 thousand users have given Cometh a try.

Cometh launched with the idea to prove that DeFi and gaming can mix. Judging by the current hype surrounding GameFi, we’d guess that Cometh made its point. However, they now want to make the game more fun. They want to add guilds, which will bring a sense of politics into the ecosystem. Guilds will also play a big role in resource management. Overall, replayability, rhythm and gameplay are elements they all want to improve. More about that in a bit.

As the team will introduce methods to combat bots, they will also scale their system to support more players. Cometh wants to bring their GameFi product to mobile devices, and this will bring a wider range of enthusiasts into the game. Players will need to own or rent a ship to play Cometh and earn MUST. Players need this to experience to full potential of Cometh, and a new fee system will need to help to onboard as many new players as possible.

Battles and Piracy game mode

A completely new game mode needs to provide a new dynamic for Cometh gamers. Battles and Piracy is a battle mode which involves the spaceships, their crew members, their perks and new items. Players will be able to literally pirate each other’s ships.

In the core game of Cometh players can challenge each other when they are close enough, and in certain zones. Some of the tokens that players find on asteroids will always remain at risk of piracy, until the ship drops it at a depot. That’s also where guilds come into play, and they should enforce justice in zones where they determine the law.

The addition of this mode will also mean that the universe in Cometh will be filled with all kinds of resources. The solar system will also contain buildings providing certain services. Players will need to hoard resources, and then go to certain locations to either store their assets, trade them or use them to craft other items.

The full plans for the improved version of Cometh V2 will be unveiled on October 4th. During Q4 there will be a couple of Demo Days, followed by a release of Cometh V2 and its mobile version in January or February 2022.

What is Cometh?

Cometh is a space game, but above all it’s gamified DeFi product. They describe themselves as a ‘DeFi powered game with yield generating NFT’. Active players can mine MUST tokens using their NFT spaceships. A share of every NFT purchase goes directly in the MUST pools for the game. That way Cometh really is a mix from a game and a DeFi product.

No matter whether you look at Cometh from an investment or gaming perspective, the promise is quite cool. You control a spaceship, and you need to position it to mine tokens. Navigating the galaxy can be done by ‘linking up’ with other spaceships. When other players use your spaceship, you earn MUST. The good thing about the game is that it runs entirely on a layer2 solution, Polygon blockchain to be precise. So there won’t be any crazy gas fees. 

Recently Cometh already introduced multiple solar systems. That way the game can deal with the influx of new players into their DeFi ecosystem. In addition they introduced the ability to drop a rover onto an asteroid for extra bonus drops.

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