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Ubisoft Will Advise Nine Chronicles

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Games publisher Ubisoft and blockchain investment fund Hashed will advise Planetarium to maximize the potential of their upcoming blockchain-powered role playing game Nine Chronicles. The two advising companies will help the game studio to grow the game’s ecosystem and implement a proper in-game economy.

Ubisoft was already interested in Nine Chronicles, which became clear last month. Back then Ubisoft had invited Planetarium for the second time a row to the company’s entrepreneurs lab. This advisory partnership can be seen as an extension of the collaboration.

Planetarium CEO Kijun Seo is obviously excited about the partnership with Ubisoft. In a press release he describes it as ‘an exciting opportunity for the future of open-source online games powered by the community itself’. In addition Ubisoft likes the idea of the open-source business model and open economy.

“Ubisoft is always looking for new ideas to empower gamers, and Planetarium is paving the way towards more creative freedom for the community. The open source model coupled with an open economy will create interesting new possibilities for players and we are eager to see where this path leads us.” 

Nicolas Pouard, Blockchain Initiative Director at Ubisoft

Open source and open economy

It’s important to know that Planetarium is making Nine Chronicles using their own LibPlanet tools. These tools allow the game to be completely opensource, and in addition the developers make the game run on its own custom blockchain. The players maintain the blockchain, meaning that the developers can never pull the plug.

This potentially means that players are free to fork the game and create their own version. In addition this means that there will be miners who keep the network running and earn rewards for it. That’s why Nine Chronicles will be using an in-game cryptocurrency called Nine Chronicles Gold, or NCG in short.

Pre-sale happening this week

Starting from July 15th at 1PM GMT there will be a pre-sale for Nine Chronicles. Planetarium has capped its first pre-sale phase at 70 thousand dollars. During the pre-sale gamers will have the change to acquire some presale-only exclusive items.

After that there will be at least one more pre-sale. Ultimately Nine Chronicles will launch later this year on Steam. The official Steam page mentions that the game would launch somewhere in the middle of 2020. So far the beta test for the game attracted over 60 thousand applications, but ultimately only 2000 gamers have been given access.

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