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Nine Chronicles First Pre-Sale Sold Out

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Within 18 hours the first pre-sale of the upcoming blockchain game Nine Chronicles sold out. Gamers and investors paid 70 thousand dollars for in-game items, perks and the in-game currency NCG. During this first pre-sale 39% of the total pre-sale supply of NCG has been sold.

The investment prices during the pre-sale ranged from 50 dollars up to 10 thousand dollars. The lowest tier would get 5500 NCG, early access to the game and some social media perks. Thie highest tier would get a physical collector’s edition of the game, in-game perks and 1.1 million NCG.

Nine Chronicles Inc. is using an ERC20 token to track their pre-sale efforts. Once mainnet launches, the corresponding amount of NGC will be added to the investor’s wallet. According to data from Etherscan somewhere between 80 and 90 people have invested into the blockchain-powered role playing game. The numbers aren’t 100 percent clear, because some people made multiple transactions.

A second pre-sale will be coming in the near future. On Discord studio boss Kijun Seo told the community that the team is preparing this now. However, the details of this second pre-sale still need to be ironed out.

Open source and open economy

The developers promote Nine Chronicles as a ‘fully decentralized RPG powered by the players’. According to them gamers can play, mine resources (and therefore make money), trade (and make money) and govern the game world together. As a result gamers will have some form of political power in game world.

This open system got gaming giant Ubisoft interested. The game company will be an advisor for the team of Nine Chronicles together with investment firm Hashed. The two advising companies will help the game studio to grow the game’s ecosystem and implement a proper in-game economy.

When Nine Chronicles launches later this year, it will be running on its own and community-driven mainnet. Players are free to help and support the blockchain by letting their computer mine NGC. Nine Chronicles will be available on Steam when it launches as a free-to-play title later this year.

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