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Nine Chronicles Connects With Ethereum

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The blockchain-powered role playing game Nine Chronicles will use Chainlink to connect its own community-run blockchain to popular networks like Ethereum. Game studio Planetarium announced the partnership in a blog post. They want to integrate off-chain data and bridging technology into Nine Chronicles and its blockchain solution.

Planetarium is working on a blockchain solution called Libplanet. They integrated this solution into the role playing game Nine Chronicles. Libplanet allows the game to run on its own blockchain, which the players themselves maintain. As a result the game is completely decentralized and open-source. However, this also means that Nine Chronicles is completely separate from popular blockchains like Ethereum.

By integrating Chainlink into Libplanet, it will for example be possible to access details about raids, events, characters and commodity pricing straight from Nine Chronicles. Thanks to Chainlink all this information can move to existing blockchain networks through smart contracts.

In addition Planetarium is looking at Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF). This will allow them to fairly create random assets. On top of that the system can mint these items on the Ethereum network. This would give the NFTs inside Nine Chronicles an existing outside of the game’s own blockchain.

What is Nine Chronicles?

Nine Chronicles is a blockchain game that uses its very own blockchain and also introduces its own crypto. Every player who downloads the game, is able to contribute to the network. They participate by supplying computing power, also known as mining. Players can use the acquired NCG in the game. The game uses the blockchain network to register item ownership, item transfers and even gameplay choices.

The developers promote Nine Chronicles as a ‘fully decentralized RPG powered by the players’. According to them gamers can play, mine resources (and therefore make money), trade and govern the game world together. As a result gamers will have some form of political power in game world. Gaming behemoth Ubisoft supports the development of the game through their entrepreneurs lab.

The great war between the gods ripped the Nine Worlds apart, and even though the gods eventually put an end to their conflict, the scars of war had already started to cause Yggdrasil, the world tree to wither. Then one day, a stray cat in Midgard wishing to be reborn as a human, was called by the goddess and reincarnated as a half-cat, half-human being.

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