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Nine Chronicles Launches $2 Million Play-to-Earn Event

Nine Chronicles Season 0 Arena Event

The blockchain-powered idle role playing game Nine Chronicles announced the play-to-earn Arena Season 0 event during which gamers can win a total of more than $2 million in NCG tokens. In addition the team announced plans to giveaway limited edition Season 0 NFTs, commemorating the first competitive event for Nine Chronicles.

The Arena Season 0 event for Nine Chronicles will start next week on Wednesday, September 8th. The event will take four weeks approximately 4 weeks, until October 6th. However, the event will end when a certain block has been mined by the blockchain. As a result the exact timing of the end of the event can change a bit.

There will be 896,000 NCG to win. Every week there will be a 112,000 NCG prize pool for the best 500 players, bringing the total of weekly rewards for the entire event to 448,000. In addition there will be 448,000 in monthly arena awards for all participants.

How to join?

First of all, you will need an access code. The developers will soon allow more players to join. As soon as you have a code, you still aren’t ready. In order to join the Nine Chronicles Arena Season 0, you will need to have a character of level 17 or higher. Reaching level 17 will unlock the arena mode. Competing in the arena will give players a higher rating, and with it more rewards. Players will need to use arena tickets to participate, and players receive 5 tickets every 6 hours. Players can join in up to 20 fights per day.

Each battle will have a 30% chance of giving the player a Season 0 exclusive medal. At the end of the season, a pool of 448,000 NCG will be divided by the number of total medals earned by all the arena participants. This means that each player will receive a share of the prize pool based on their medal count.

Two exclusive Season 0 customes

Nine Chronicles will also introduce Season 0 exclusive costumes. There will be 40 editions of Rui, and only 9 of Ruci. Players can earn these NFT outfits by playing Nine Chronicles or staking the native NCG token.

At the end of the entire season (224,000 blocks total) the developers will add up the arena scores for the four weekly arenas and rank the players from top to bottom. The top 3 players will win Ruci, while numbers 4 to 20 get Rui. All the top 100 players will receive player titles, exclusive to the Season 0 Arena.

Furthermore, players who stake 63,500 NCG or more have a chance to win Rui. In addition, those who stake 333,500 NCG have a chance to take Ruci home.

What is Nine Chronicles?

Nine Chronicles is a blockchain game that uses its very own blockchain and also introduces its own cryptocurrency. Every player who downloads the game, is able to contribute to the network. They participate by supplying computing power, also known as mining. Players can use the acquired NCG in the game. The game uses the blockchain network to register item ownership, item transfers and even gameplay choices.

The developers promote Nine Chronicles as a ‘fully decentralized RPG powered by the players’. According to them gamers can play, mine resources (and therefore make money), trade and govern the game world together. As a result gamers will have some form of political power in game world.

The great war between the gods ripped the Nine Worlds apart, and even though the gods eventually put an end to their conflict, the scars of war had already started to cause Yggdrasil, the world tree to wither. Then one day, a stray cat in Midgard wishing to be reborn as a human, was called by the goddess and reincarnated as a half-cat, half-human being.

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