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Bratz NFT Holders Can Claim Physical Toy

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NFT collectors on the Wax blockchain who are lucky enough to get their hands on a Bratz Shimmerin’ NFT, can trade their digital trading cards for a physical toy. Wax announced that the deal would be available starting now until August 31st.

The collectors who have one of those Bratz Shimmerin’ NFTs will need to fill in a form. After that they will receive email instructions on how to proceed.

Avid Bratz doll collectors will need to have deep pockets. The Bratz Shimmerin’ NFTs can be found on the secondary market for 750,000 WAX or $95,925. Currently there are only two of these NFTs on the marketplace. In addition there are still plenty of sealed packs on the Atomic marketplace, with a starting price of approximately $140.

These aren’t the only efforts of Bratz on the blockchain. They also made a partnership with Animoca Brands.

Wax calls this vIRL NFT

What’s cool about this Bratz collection is of course the collaboration between digital collectibles and physical products. Wax calls their system vIRL NFT, pronounced ‘viral NFT’. They consider these type of NFTs to be ‘virtual in real life’. The idea is that the NFT gives users ownership over a physical item, without the need of shipping or storing that physical item.

Only the owner of the vIRL NFT can redeem it for the physical object. On some occasions these vIRL NFT will then be destroyed. In other cases they will change and become a regular collectible NFT. Similar to the Bratz Shimmerin’ NFT, vIRL NFTs can have an expiration date. So after a certain date it can no longer be redeemed for the physical product. So that’s something to keep in mind.

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