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HodlGod Genesis NFT Toy Collection Selling Tomorrow

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HodlGod has announced a sale for their Genesis NFT Toy Collection, which will include weapons, armor, and dragon eggs! The sale will start on Tuesday May 25th at 2 PM EST. Anyone who held 10 million VOID tokens in their WAX wallet during the snapshot this past weekend will get early access to the sale.

The HodlGod Genesis NFT Toy Collection will consist of 18 NFTs: 4 dragons, 4 dragon eggs, 5 Immortal armors, and 5 Immortal weapon sets. The sale will last for 2 hours only and any remaining inventory will be burned forever. All of the items are collectibles, but can they can also be burned to acquire VOID tokens. Users will also be able to stake their digital items in the new HodlGod NFT x DeFi system.

Armor and weapon sets both come in Demon and Element styles. Armor sets cost $50 in WAX and weapon sets have a $100 price tag. Furthermore, these dragon eggs come in two varieties: Red Rekt and Sky Shadow, and each will cost $200 in WAX.

Dragons themselves will not be for sale directly. Acquiring a dragon will require holding 10 million VOID tokens in the same WAX account as your dragon eggs during the limited, one-time hatching event, following the sales. During the hatching event, if you meet the VOID requirements, the corresponding dragon will be airdropped directly into your inventory.

This will be a one-time event for each egg! If you miss this event you will only be able to get the Dragon Collectible Toys from the secondary marketplace. You can read more details about the Dragon Event here.

What is HodlGod?

HodlGod is a 3D PvP game in a fantasy setting utilizing NFTs on the WAX blockchain for tradeable, cosmetic upgrades.

In HodlGod players can either compete in Arena Mode, a 10-player battle royale, in which the last man standing is the ultimate winner, or engage in Purgatory Mode, a play-to-earn model where 2-player teams battle it out across four stages in both PvE and PvP combat. Purgatory Mode will require a $1 entry fee, but allows players to earn back that fee plus much more if they can survive to the later stages.

VOID tokens are the utility tokens used in HodlGod and they can be bought or sold with WAX on the Alcor Exchange. Hodl God NFTs can be purchased on secondary markets such as Atomic Hub.

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