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Ether Legends Launched Physical Cards

Blockchain-powered trading card game Ether Legends has launched a limited amount of physical trading cards, and some of these cards come with a QR code for the digital version as well. Each physical pack contains two cards, and there’s a ten percent chance to get a card with a QR code. These packs sell in the official Ether Legends Shop for $4.99 excluding shipping.

The physical cards are collectibles, but can also be used to play a physical version of Ether Legends. However, this trading card game is mainly a blockchain-powered digital card game, and every player needs to buy three tokenized cards to be able to start playing. The developers will send three random cards to those who buy the digital starter pack for six dollars.

Some physical cards can be bought separately. For example ‘Buterin the Ethereal Mystic’ is a physical card that can be redeemed using its QR code. There are only 500 copies of this card, and each one sells for 16 dollars. In addition the Mala Mala Tina The Strong card only has 100 copies and costs 25 dollars.

Forging digital cards

While the Gen 0 cards for the Men & Beasts series are about to end, there’s a Gen 1 series coming up: Bots & Bolts. In addition the team behind Ether Legends has introduced a new mechanic called forging. Players can merge two or perhaps more specific cards together and create a new one. All of this happens in an app called Skybox. The development team is warning for gas prices on the Ethereum blockchain, which can make minting a new card relatively expensive. Read this guide for more in-depth info about forging.

Some of the cards that can be used with forging, are issued through partnerships. For example, Crypto & Gamers has a special card. Combined with a certain gem it will create a Crypto Hulk card. Crucial during the process of forging is the use of Elementeum (ELET). This ERC-20 token is an in-game reward and can be traded on exchanges. Each new card set, like the upcoming Bots & Bolts, is backed by 500 thousand ELET.

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