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R-Planet Land Upgrades Start Late July

rplanet land upgrade

R-planet, the grandfather of staking-based games on WAX, released an updated roadmap which shows land upgrades arriving at the end of July. Robot creation and combat arrives later in the year, but we should see more information about both features arriving soon.

R-planet’s land sale a few months ago was hugely successful. The initial packs sold out and the secondary market for the four types of lands has remained strong. But so far, land owners have only been able to accumulate and harvest minerals. With the upcoming land upgrades, owners can improve their lands to harvest even more minerals. Details about how upgrades will work has not been released. But when will we get to do something with all these minerals we’ve harvested?

R-planet land types
R-Planet land types

Though the most awaited feature, robot creation, won’t arrive until Q3 2021, the R-planet team promises to share more details in the coming weeks. This includes graphics of the robots and articles about robot creation, robot types, and robot tasks. Robots will be used against each other in Conquest mode, which is slated for release in Q4 2021. Along the way, the team will also deliver improvements to both the back and front ends of their site.

R-Planet pioneered the idea of allowing NFTs from other collections to stake in their pools for rewards. In addition to the official R-planet NFTs, players can also accumulate Aether, the basic R-planet currency, by staking NFTs from a large selection of WAX projects. Players create elements with the Aether, and those elements will likely be used in the land upgrade system. So even players without land can participate in the process by creating and selling materials to the landowners.

What is R-Planet?

The story from R-Planet is about finding planets where we can live. Humanity will pick Mars, but this requires research and testing. That’s where the NFT elements come into place. Combining these will allow humanity to discover more elements, and maybe solve the puzzle. Players will be staking NFTs, mining AETHER, buying and trading these basic materials, using them to create something new, and then the cycle continuous.

The amount of AETHER someone earns for their NFTs isn’t a fixed rate anymore. It’s all about the total amount of all staked NFTs, and your participation in the pool. Finding a pool with little activity, could proof to be fruitful. 

The roadmap for R-Planet goes a lot further to Evacuation and Colonization. The third phase will be Conquest, during which players will discover a hostile enemy. There will be a sale of characters, and the construction of robots and vehicles.

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