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HodlGod Dropping More Toy Collectibles on June 10th

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Game studio Onessus will sell another series of NFT toy collectibles for their competitive play-to-earn battle game HodlGod on Thursday, June 10th. Gamers who have 10 million VOID tokens in their wallet, will get early access to this sale.

These NFT toy collectibles for HodlGod will offer two dragons eggs, 2 Immortal armor sets and 2 weapon sets. Players who buy a complete set, will also receive a mystery NFT. Obviously Onessus didn’t provide more details, or else it wouldn’t be a mystery NFT.

The dragon eggs will hatch on June 18th, and will reveal a Flame or a Frost Bite dragon. These eggs, of which there are 250 each, will cost $200 worth of WAXP tokens. In addition there will be two Immortal armor sets for $100 in WAXP tokens, with 500 editions each. Thirdly there are 2 weapon sets, which will cost $50 in WAXP tokens with a supply of 1,000 per set.

Gamers eager to get an NFT, need to make sure they have 10 million VOID tokens in their WAX wallet. These tokens will give them a 10-minute head start. Considering that previous NFT sales for HodlGod sold out within minutes, it’s probably something worth getting into.

What is HodlGod?

HodlGod is a 3D PvP game in a fantasy setting utilizing NFTs on the WAX blockchain for tradeable, cosmetic upgrades.

In HodlGod players can either compete in Arena Mode, a 10-player battle royale, in which the last man standing is the ultimate winner, or engage in Purgatory Mode, a play-to-earn model where 2-player teams battle it out across four stages in both PvE and PvP combat. Purgatory Mode will require a $1 entry fee, but allows players to earn back that fee plus much more if they can survive to the later stages.

VOID tokens are the utility tokens used in HodlGod and they can be bought or sold with WAX on the Alcor Exchange. Hodl God NFTs can be purchased on secondary markets such as Atomic Hub.

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