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Topps Adds Digital Cards to Physical Packs

Garbage Pail Kids GPK Food Fight collectible cards Topps

Digital card company Topps will add redemption codes for digital NFT cards to the physical box sets for their upcoming Garbage Pail Kids release. On February 24th the GPK Food Fight series hits shelves in the United States, and each box contains a code for an exclusive GPK collectible on the Wax blockchain.

It’s the first time Topps is really combining their physical and digital products. The company is big in physical collectibles and has been around for decades. However, last year they made their first leap into the blockchain space with Garbage Pail Kids.

Garbage Pail Kids has its origins in the 1980s, when the collectible cards were a hit in the United States and some parts of Europe. Last year they made their debut on the blockchain, with a digital release of their series 1 cards on the Wax blockchain. These digital collectibles have different animations, making them a bit different from their physical counterparts.

NFTs as rare collectibles

For years we’ve been curating content on Instagram and collecting achievements on Playstation and Xbox. Apparently we are a generation who loves digital collectibles. However, collectibles are only really collectibles when there’s a certain rarity. That’s where the blockchain comes into place. Through blockchain technology the total supply and ownership of NFTs, or digital assets, can be controlled. The technology verifies whether someone has an original version of an NFT or merely a screenshot.

While physical collectibles could provide a thousand assets, we’d never be able to locate all of them. Rare physical games could become less valuable when suddenly a box of unopened first edition pops-up in an old warehouse. On the blockchain the supply is always clear, and burning mechanisms feed into the concepts of rarity and collectability. Destroying digital assets to (potentially) acquire new ones, is an interesting way for digital collectibles to deal with rarity.

Topps has introduced this concept with its Garbage Pail Kids digital collectibles. However, it’s quite safe to say that gaming will also deal with this. Card games like Gods Unchained and Synergy of Serra are likely to embrace the same concept, as it would create utility for older cards which in turn creates demand for new cards. In December Tribal Books burned all the remaining assets from its pre-sale to make sure that these first assets are truly scarce.

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