Animoca Expands NFT Business to Immutable X

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Animoca Brands has announced its latest expansion in the NFT ecosystem, as the company will embrace Immutable X as a new solution for minting and issuing digital assets. Without revealing any roadmap, Animoca and Immutable strongly referred to projects like F1 Delta Time, MotoGP Ignition, The Sandbox and Crazy Defense Heroes as possible options.

In recent months Animoca Brands has been exploring alternatives to Ethereum. They have embraced for example Flow and Polygon for F1 Delta Time, and signed a partnership with Binance Smart Chain. At the same time it’s public knowledge that The Sandbox also aims to embrace a scaling solution, even though they never mentioned any specifics.

Immutable has been making a splash in the NFT ecosystem with their StarkWare-powered Immutable X layer-2 solution. This is not a sidechain like Polygon or Ronin, or an EVM-compatible chain like Binance Smart Chain. Instead this layer-2 connects directly to the Ethereum blockchain and serves specifically for gas free NFT trading and minting.

Right now the Gods Unchained marketplace is live on Immutable X. Trading these NFT cards was basically non-existent on Ethereum, but it completely revived on the gas free layer-2 solution. Soon more projects will embrace Immutable X, for example War Riders and the mobile game Guild of Guardians.

The future is multi-chain

No matter which chain a certain project will embrace, it seems likely that the future isn’t based around one blockchain solution. Why should it? In a technology that’s so strong or decentralization, there’s no place for just one solution. The solution to decentralization in itself is decentralized. Now – of course – there will be preferences based on user experiences, technical functionalities and other reasons, but nonetheless the future will be multi-chain.

We’re already seeing this in decentralized finance. Automated money makers like SushiSwap support a variety of blockchain solutions, while tokens and their value can move across blockchains. For example, bitcoin on the Ethereum blockchain or Binance Smart Chain is WBTC. In a similar fashion the future of blockchain gaming isn’t tied to one blockchain, and gamers will be able to move their assets across different blockchains. Over time this experience will become very smooth, even though gas fees might always be there to some extend.

One of the companies that’s also really aiming for this multi-chain future, is Gala Games. They are building their ecosystem on Ethereum, but have already announced expansions to both Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. In addition they will embrace layer-2 solution Flare Network, which recently acquired the third citadel in Mirandus. Just to highlight the fact that Animoca Brands is not alone on this multi-chain vision for the future.

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