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Animoca Announced NFT Football Game on Hedera

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Blockchain games company Animoca Brands has acquired Helix Accelerator, and now announced a NFT-based football game running on the Hedera blockchain. The game will use intellectual property from famous clubs. In addition players will be able to trade the NFTs using the Hedera native HBAR crypto token.

There basically are no details on the football game. However, the companies did say that the game will use anti-cheating software for online multiplayer games, called Helix Warp. Obviously this software uses blockchain technology as well, so this will mean that the football game has a competitive element.

Animoca Brands also stated that NFTs will be backed by HBAR. As a result NFT owners can burn their NFT after a cooldown period, allowing them to claim HBAR tokens. This seems very similar to the way every NFT within the Enjin ecosystem is backed by ENJ. You might also remember that every Aavegotchi NFT is backed by ERC-20 tokens and functions as a wallet.

The fast expansion of Animoca Brands

Two years ago Animoca Brands had a variety of blockchain games in development that would all tap into the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem. However, in the past 12 months lots of things changed. As Ethereum failed to launch timely scaling solutions, other blockchains rose to prominence. Animoca Brands now has projects in development that run on or support a variety of blockchains and scaling solutions. Think about Immutable X, Flow, Polygon, Wax, and Binance Smart Chain.

Two weeks ago an investment group put $88,888,888 into Animoca Brands, valuating the company at $1 billion. Animoca also invested in Dapper Labs and the Flow blockchain. Furthermore, they back the DeFi hit game Alien Worlds. The company also owns The Sandbox, F1 Delta Time and holds licenses for different brands and sports celebrities.

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