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Gala Games to Add Binance Smart Chain

gala games binance smart chain

Gala Games is going to implement Binance Smart Chain into its ecosystem to allow for cheaper transactions of NFTs. The gaming company sees the addition of the Binance blockchain as an option for gamers to have ‘greater control over their assets’ as well as a way to limit fees.

“We believe you should hold NFTs however you choose”, Gala Games wrote on Twitter. Earlier this month the blockchain gaming company announced their plans to integrate Flare Network as a layer-2 solution. Now it looks like Gala Games will be running their services on multiple blockchain services at the same time.

Even though Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum are different blockchains, they are quite compatible. Binance made their blockchain solution with support for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which makes it very easy to port applications from one chain to the other. As a result this could provide a quick and dirty solution to move away from Ethereum.

Gala Games didn’t announce how and when they will implement Binance Smart Chain. However, in the comments on Twitter they did confirm that player reward from the treasure chest can be redeemed over the Binance Smart Chain.

Mirandus, Town Star and GALA

The online role playing game Mirandus contains lots of ambitious ideas. Gala Games is giving user ownership over virtual towns, businesses, and even the citadel. Polyient Games owns one of five citadels, and they also acquired the rights to take care of the economic layer of the upcoming online game.

At the center of the current ecosystem, is Gala Games’ own GALA token. Gamers can earn this token by competing in weekly competitions for the free-to-play farming game Town Star. Registering is free, playing is free, and every week players can earn GALA tokens. Users can use these tokens to acquire items for Town Star itself or NFTs for Mirandus.

Earlier this week Gala Games announced that players can create and sell music NFTs for their upcoming game Mirandus. Last month they revealed that the online role playing game will be played from a first-person perspective. Gala Games is the event sponsor for the upcoming Play to Earn Game Festival. This virtual event takes place from March 22nd to March 28th.

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