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Gala Games Adds Support for Polygon to Ecosystem

gala games polygon partnership

Gala Games wants to give gamers all the choice in the world, and therefore the company now announced that Polygon will be added to their ecosystem. The company is working to add as many Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchain solutions to their network, giving players more options to move their NFTs around.

Gala Games currently has one working product on the market, the farming game Town Star. In addition there are players and investors who are buying NFTs for the MMORPG Mirandus, even though this game won’t see the light of day before the end of this year. Nonetheless, there’s quite some activity already on the Gala Games platform, and therefore they are very familiar with the gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain.

Polygon will be a piece of the puzzle to solve the gas issues, while giving players options. Alongside Polygon the gaming company also partnered with Flare and Binance Smart Chain. They even announced a game for Binance Smart Chain, called Fortified. However, according to their ethos, NFTs from the tower defense game will have the ability to move around different blockchain ecosystems.

The Gala Games ecosystem currently has three games, but more are coming. “We are also thrilled to announce that Gala Games and Polygon will be working together to bring you a new game!”, the wrote in their blog post.

What is the Gala Games ecosystem?

The Gala Games ecosystem consists out of three announced games: Town Star, Mirandus and Fortified. However, the company isn’t just a publisher and developer of games. They are also building their own blockchain ecosystem. Nodes can be bought, and investors can earn GALA for running these nodes. In the future these nodes need to take care of transactions and other in-game activities, creating a separate blockchain just for the entire Gala Games ecosystem. Currently there are already a couple of thousand node owners all over the world.

At the center of the current ecosystem, is Gala Games’ own GALA token. Gamers can earn this token by competing in weekly competitions for the free-to-play farming game Town Star. Registering is free, playing is free, and every week players can earn GALA tokens. These tokens can’t be used inside game worlds, but players can use them to obtain NFTs.

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