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Nestables Marketplace Now Open for Business

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In their May development update, Nestables has announced that their new marketplace is now live for all of your Nestable shopping needs. They created the marketplace using the Enjin’s APIs. For now purchases can only be made using the Enjin native ENJ token.

The first iteration of their marketplace provides several refinement and sorting options for your NFT searches. In addition it will show historical price data. They want to make an intuitive marketplace that provides data and tools for regular traders. However, they don’t want to offer an overwhelming amount of options, because that would scare off new players.

On the marketplace gamers can buy the Nestables characters, which are cute little animal cubes. These critters can wear different wearables, which are also available on the marketplace. Furthermore, players can find blueprints. These unlock new building options to make an awesome looking play garden for your Nestables.

Anyone with a Founder’s token will receive the benefit of reduced marketplace fees once the transition to Enjin’s Efinity network is complete. The developers will do more announcements about that transition in the near future. They also hope to change the fee structure in the future. That way market fees are charged as a percentage of the transaction rather than a flat amount.

What is Nestables?

In Nestables players need to farm resources using their cubed character. After doing that, players can build all kinds items ranging from beds and kitchens to food and toys. It’s important to keep your Cube happy, so players will need to build toys and furniture that fit the cube’s personality. The cute little Cubes have their own treats, cosmetic features and personality.

Nestables has been in development for quite some time already. The game is part of the Enjin multiverse. Enjin is a gaming project on the Ethereum blockchain. They want to create a metaverse in which game items can be used in several games. They use their standardized ERC-1155 protocol for that. For example, if you have a Nestables character NFT you will see a little Cube following you around while diving into the dungeons of Lost Relics.

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