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Gamee Unveiled Plans for G-Bots NFTs

Gamee GMEE NFTs G-Bots

Gamee has revealed more details about their plans for NFTs on their platform, as they have introduced G-Bots. Owners can use their G-Bots across the platform for entertainment or financial purposes. According to Gamee, part of Animoca Brands, there will be ‘very limited’ supply of these G-Bots. They will sell the first ones through a pre-sale event somewhere at the end of the Summer.

NFT owners can use their Gamee robot NFTs as game characters across multiple games. In addition they can earn extra rewards on the Gamee platform, or use the bots in DeFi-oriented staking events that generate more GMEE tokens. On top of that these bots are also simply collectible, while owners can upgrade their bots using GMEE. It reminds me a bit of a simplified version of Aavegotchi.

The robot, an ERC-721 token, has a head, torso, arms, bottom and add-ons like guns, tools and mascots. Each part is a separate non-fungible token and brings certain powers to the robot, influencing its rarity and therefore value. These robots feasts on GMEE tokens to upgrade its powers and stats.

GMEE hit the market last week on Uniswap. The token price dropped for $0.65 to $0.46 within the first 24 hours. After that, the token has been in recovery as the price has been going up towards to current $0.57. Learn more about the token here.

Why GMEE matters

Animoca Brands acquired Gamee last year. The casual mobile gaming platform has seen considerable success with 20 million registered users. With the help of blockchain-focused Animoca, the casual gaming platform is moving towards a crypto-powered play-to-earn experience. Players can earn GMEE tokens through gameplay, by completing missions and winning challenges.

GMEE is another example of Animoca Brands rebuilding existing businesses and adding blockchain elements to them. We’re also seeing this with their in-house Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes mobile games. These free-to-play games are now getting new play-to-earn mechanics, allowing gamers to earn TOWER tokens.

If Gamee turns out to be a success, the industry will have a blueprint on how to rebuild a casual gaming website into a much more valuable platform with a highly engaged audience.

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