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Crypto Kombat Unveiled Play-to-Earn Model for Card Game

Crypto Kombat NFT card game

The developers of the card game Crypto Kombat have unveiled details about the economic model and play-to-earn mechanics. Players will need to stake KOMBAT tokens to unlock gameplay capabilities, while also earning VOMBAT tokens for in-game purchases.

At the time of writing Crypto Kombat has been on the market for some time, but so far they’ve only allowed users to stake KOMBAT tokens. Users would then be able to use their acquired VOMBAT tokens to buy NFT cards, each of them based on crypto events or famous people from the blockchain space. At the moment users can also earn special tokens by staking their liquidity pool tokens, lpKOMBAT. They would earn lpVOMBAT, which of course can be spent on special cards. Soon gamers will also have the ability to use KOMBAT to purchase items, which would reduce the supply of the ERC20 token.

Ultimately players will need to use their NFT cards in battles. Challenging other players costs VOMBAT, but also earns you VOMBAT. In addition there’s a chance for a loot box, and there’s no limit to these PVP battles. However, there’s also a PVE mode. In contrary to the PVP mode, the PVE mode offers a limited number of daily battles. Yet players can earn VOMBAT and have a small chance to receive a loot box.

These loot boxes can become pretty important, because players will be able to find items in them. Items allow players to upgrade their hero NFT cards. For example, they can become more skillful, but also receive special abilities. We don’t know much about gameplay yet, but players need to select their attacks while cards have limitations thanks to an Energy mechanic.

Crypto Kombat originally launched on the Ethereum blockchain, but also announced their move to Binance Smart Chain in July.

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