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Casual Gaming Moving into Blockchain

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Casual gaming company Gamee is stepping into the blockchain gaming space by creating NFT characters and introducing a cryptocurrency across their portfolio. Over 20 million registered users already regularly enjoy the approachable HTML5 web games by Gamee, and they will soon be able to create value from their play time.

Gamee is a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, and therefore the link with blockchain gaming is easily made. Right now gamers already earn tickets, which allows them to join in raffles. However, Gamee tokens and collectible robots is where it’s really at.

Players will be able to earn GAMEE through gameplay, by completing missions or winning challenges. They can then use the token to join in skill-based tournaments, acquire gameplay rewards or upgrade their digital collectibles.

The digital collectible we’re talking about is a robot that consists out of several add-ons. The robot has a head, torso, arms, bottom and add-ons like guns, tools and mascots. Each part is a separate non-fungible token and brings certain powers to the robot, influencing its rarity and therefore value. These robots can eat GAMEE tokens to upgrade their powers and stats.

The robot gives players all kinds of boosts. Gamers can receive more rewards from their challenges and missions, and they get access to special game missions as well. In addition Animoca and Gamee are planning a dedicated robot fighting game. Gamee is planning to launch a pre-sale for their GAMEE token soon.

Animoca: blockchain gaming heavyweight

Without a doubt Animoca Brands is one of the biggest gaming companies in the blockchain space. They are one of the few companies in the blockchain industry with prior experience in developing video games. Animoca Brands has been making mobile games, publishing games and distributing games for nearly a decade. Right now they are utilizing their knowledge and network to grow their footprint on the blockchain market.

Animoca Brands is the investment company behind The Sandbox. They are also the exclusive blockchain-partner for Atari, bringing classics from the past onto the blockchain. In addition they have licensed games involving Formula 1 and MotoGP. This summer they reported a record revenue, just like many other companies in the gaming industry. Next year they will bring their mobile game series Star Girl to the Flow blockchain, possibly bringing an entire new audience into the blockchain gaming space.

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