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Gamee Token Sale Sold Out: What is GMEE?

Gamee token platform

Gamee completely sold out their public token sale earlier this week, but that still leaves us with the question how these tokens will work. What are the tokenomics of Gamee? They have done a blog post explaining everything quite in-depth, and we give a simplified version of that.

GMEE is a utility token for the Gamee social gaming platform. Players can earn the token as a reward for skill, effort and loyalty. There will only be 3,180,000,000 tokens on the market, with an initial price of $0.0888. The token is available on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token.

When users spend their GMEE tokens, they don’t get burned, but instead will they will distribute them back into the ecosystem. Players can use the tokens to for example make in-game purchases. The team will put 11.79% in a liquidity pool, probably on Uniswap.

During the public pre-sale earlier this week they sold 0.16% of the supply, which seems like just a bit. But they sold 5 million tokens at a price of $0.03888. Which means every investor will have an initial profit of approximately 150%.

Gamers who are already active on the Gamee platform can expect a share of a 0.94% airdrop. The rest of the tokens go to marketing, advisors, company reserve and strategic sales. More important is that they will use over 25% as gameplay rewards. By being active on the GMEE platform, you can earn these tokens!

What is the Gamee gaming platform?

Gamee is a hyper casual gaming platform where users can play a wide variety of games, complete missions, compete in tournaments and win prizes in the process. The platform has been acquired by Animoca Brands last year, and has been around for quite some time. However, before Animoca took over, they didn’t have crypto prizes, but cash prizes instead.

Gamee has introduced NFTs as well. There’s a special robot that consists out of several body parts. The robot has a head, torso, arms, bottom and add-ons like guns, tools and mascots. Each part is a separate non-fungible token and brings certain powers to the robot, influencing its rarity and therefore value. These robots can eat GMEE tokens to upgrade their powers and stats.

The robot gives players all kinds of boosts. Gamers can receive more rewards from their challenges and missions, and they get access to special game missions as well. So players can spend GMEE on their robot to ultimately earn more GAMEE from challenges.

The Gamee gaming platform is web-based. These are HTML5 games that work on desktop computers and mobile phones, all playable within your browsers. The platform has over 20 million registered users, making it an interesting platform to embrace crypto tokens and NFTs.

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