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Genies & CryptoAvatars Coming to Cryptovoxels?

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User avatars like Genies and CryptoAvatars could soon find their way into virtual worlds like Decentraland and Cryptovoxels. Genies founder Akash Nigam reached out to both virtual worlds on Twitter, and swiftly got a response from the Cryptovoxels team. The future of the metaverse is brewing, and new developments have been set in motion.

Right now gamers and visitors of virtual worlds need to create a different character inside every virtual world. Even though they use the same crypto wallet, these virtual worlds require custom avatars. Genies and CryptoAvatars are creating a standard for digital avatars in the metaverse.

Daniel Garcia from CryptoAvatars also reached out to Ben Nolan and the Cryptovoxels team. They’ve been selling unique avatars for the past months, two per week to be precise. “How can we get CryptoAvatars in [Cryptovoxels]? We got the models ready to send to you”, he wrote.

Obviously none of this is a confirmation of things actually happening. But it’s amazing to see that developers of virtual worlds are in touch with avatar creators. Only by working together this products can merge and grow.

Nigam has been making quite a name for their avatar solution. Genies is running on the Flow blockchain and partnered with celebrities like Rihanna, Justin Bieber and more recently football star Mesut Özil. Ultimately everybody can make a Genies character and dress that character with collectible fashion.

Interoperability of a digital identity

While using decentralized applications, users need to login to their wallet all the time. Often you use the same wallet everywhere. This is a case of interoperability. Now imagine you could look the same in every game world, virtual world or social space. That’s what digital identities and avatars on the blockchain are all about. That’s why CryptoAvatars and Genies are so interesting.

With the rise of avatar-based influencers (vTubers) on platforms like Twitch, there’s a growing trend towards digital identities that are separate from the physical person. CryptoAvatars can already be using in for example Webaverse, VR Chat and Somnium Space.

Online identities are becoming much more important in the years to come. Down the road it’s expected that everybody will move into the metaverse to some extend. Those to whom this new frontier feels most native, will want to express themselves. Cryptovoxels and Decentraland offer wearables, while Somnium Space relies on full body avatars. Last year Genies, a company that creates avatars, received an investment of three million dollars.

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