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Pac-Man Wearables Coming to Genies

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Because Pac-Man is now 41 years old, Genies and Bandai Namco have announced a partnership to bring Pac-Man inspired wearables to the avatar platform. Several digital artists have created colorful Pac-Man helmets, while an unique artwork unlocks special Pac-Man-inspired arcade boots.

The items will be auctioned through OpenSea starting from Thursday 7 PM PST or Friday 2 AM UTC. In total the Genies x Pac-Man collection consists out of 401 items. This includes an original Pac-Man helmet, six helmets by different artists and the unique artwork. Digital artists Baugasm, Cory Van Lew, Gabriel GG, NFN Kalyan, Defaced and Render Fruit have each made one helmet.

Pac-Man is the first gaming brand to join Genies, and likely more will follow. Parent company Bandai Namco was one of the companies to invest in Genies back in November 2020. Earlier this month we already wrote that Warner Music is getting on-board with Genies. Furthermore, the avatar platform itself is planning to launch an NFT marketplace this summer.

The rise of digital identities

The case of Genies isn’t isolated, as multiple companies are working on digital identities in the metaverse. Crypto Avatars has sold NFT-based, unique digital avatars that owners can use in for example Somnium Space and VR Chat. At the same time we wrote an article about Crucible, an organization that’s developing an SDK that connects gamers and game developers with the blockchain-powered metaverse.

Your digital identity is more than just your avatar, because it’s something that connects all your online activity together into one passport. It’s all about bringing the concept of identity into the digital world through data and visuals. A digital identity is definitely more than just an avatar and surely tells a lot more as well.

Everybody has developed online identities in the past twenty years. The avatar is the centralized point of attention, chosen by the user, to express themselves. It adds another layer of information to their online narrative. With the rise of digital ownership, the need to own your digital identity will only increase.

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