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CryptoAvatars Auctions Happening Again

CryptoAvatars auction NFT metaverse online identity

There are auctions taking place again for the unique metaverse avatars in the CryptoAvatars series. Polygonal Mind is working on many projects at the same time, and their CryptoAvatars are among the most remarkable. Currently the team is in the process of auctioning one hundred avatars. Each of these avatars is unique and one-of-a-kind.

Polygonal Mind is releasing new avatars every Monday and Thursday at 5:30PM UTC. Each of these auctions that three days. One day after each of the auctions, a new auction will start.

In recent days they have sold Crimson for 0.75 ETH. Right now there’s an auction happening for a cool kid named Cappy with a minimum bid of 0.65 ETH. You can find more details about him on the official website.

Polygonal Mind has created many CryptoAvatars in the past. It’s quite good fun to scroll the marketplace and see funny creations like Cactus Boy, Cool Alien and Cool Fridge.

Using CryptoAvatars

They store each avatar in the CryptoAvatars collection on IPFS, which makes them kind of permanent. Buyers get a VRM file, which follows standards sets by the VRM Consortium. Users can also import these files into Unity, allowing them for example to mod their avatar into a video game.

With the rise of avatar-based influencers (vTubers) on platforms like Twitch, it’s good to know that these creations can be used in several live streaming tools. It also supports the Windows-based metaverse application Webaverse, while a variety of games supports importing these files as well. Popular applications like VR Chat an Somnium Space also support the CryptoAvatars.

Online identities are becoming much more important in the years to come. Somnium Space allows users to mint and sell their own avatars, resulting in $20.000 in sales in the first few weeks. Down the road it’s expected that everybody will move into the metaverse to some extend. Those to whom this new frontier feels most native, will want to express themselves. Cryptovoxels and Decentraland offer wearables, while Somnium Space relies on full body avatars. Last year Genies, a company that creates avatars, received an investment of three million dollars.

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