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Soon You Order Pizza While Traveling in Decentraland

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Metaverse developers Metazone are pushing boundaries as they will launch the option to directly order pizza at Domino’s from within Decentraland. This Friday March 12th at 2AM UTC they will live order a pizza from Domino’s through their interface and have it delivered at someone’s home. Everybody can join the event live inside Decentraland.

“Come and join us for this most epic event! This is similar to the first pizza purchased with 10,000 bitcoin 10 years ago!”, they wrote in the event description. The pizza will be paid using ETH or MANA, which are generally to most common cryptocurrencies within Decentraland. For now the pizza service will work in the United States only.

Metazone is known for creating interactive installations. Last month they launched an exchange service, and they also have tons of games. These are all minted as NFTs and sold on the Metazone marketplace. The NFT holders can deploy these interactive installations on their virtual land within Decentraland. They call these deployable NFTs Metas. Even though they didn’t announce a Domino’s Pizza Meta, they did suggest it with a comment: “Soon… 👀”

Not the first

Even though it’s a major achievement to allow someone to order a real pizza from within a virtual world using cryptocurrencies, it’s not the first time pizza gets ordered from within an online world. Back in 2005 players of the MMO EverQuest 2 could order pizza at Pizza Hut. Obviously payments happened through traditional methods.

Sixteen years ago players just needed to type /pizza to start the ordering process. In Decentraland players will need to visit a certain location within the game world. Nonetheless, development inside the metaverse is happening at an astonishing speed. Interoperability between virtual worlds and of course the physical world is becoming more common every day.

What is Decentraland?

Decentraland is a virtual world build on the Ethereum blockchain. Consumers can buy land within this world, and build anything. Currently ownership over virtual land is highly speculative, and the value of these lands increased significantly over the past year. Decentraland launched in February 2020, and players can now visit by using a web browser on a desktop or laptop. The game celebrated its first year anniversary last week.

Within Decentraland people can build all kinds of businesses, including shops for in-game items, art galleries and games. Decentral Games and Metazone are some of the companies that create games within Decentraland. For example, Metazone is selling complete game installations. Landowners can earn money from those creations, while game creators earn a share of the revenue.

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