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Genies Avatar Marketplace Launch February 15th

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Akash Nigam, the CEO and founder of Genies, has announced the launch of a Genies NFT marketplace for Monday February 15th. Soon users will also be able to customize their avatars using digital fashion, which essentially are non-fungible tokens as well. Genies wants to be on the forefront of digital fashion and online identity.

Genies exists one the edge between virtual and physical realities, allowing celebrities and other people to create a digital character that represents them online in the metaverse. Business Insider compares the concept with Bitmoji, a popular avatar in messaging services like Whatsapp. However, Genies are next level, offering customization and digital goods in an official marketplace.

Genies is using the Flow blockchain to give users ownership over avatars and digital fashion. Which apps will support Genies now or in the future, is still a bit unclear.

Celebrities with Genies avatars

On Monday German-Turkish football Mesut Ozil will launch an artwork, featuring his Genies avatar. Last Christmas Justin Bieber promoted his latest song using Genies, and we’ve seen Rihanna as well. Not only do Genies allow celebrities to have a digital representation, it’s also a marketing tool. They can for example sell digital clothes promoting their latest album, movie, or product.

Ultimately Genies need to be used across different applications, social media, websites and games. It’s all about creating a standard for avatars in the metaverse. This is something we’re already seeing with Polygonal Mind and their Crypto Avatars. In addition companies like Digitalax are developing open standards for digital fashion.

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